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Finally, Ibrahim completes his series on funnels in todays edition - thank you for all the positive feedback on this column.

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Hope you had a great weekend!

On Thursday, we dived into the healthy aging funnel and today, we’ll breakdown our last funnel from this series—Runners’ funnel. If you have any feedback or questions, please feel free to share/ask here.

Here are their 4 primary funnels:

Alright, let’s get into it..

Runners’ Funnel

  • There’s an estimated 700 million runners globally, including the ones that run to be fit—and AG must have figured, this can be a great audience to go after since the product would be perfect for these people, and have taken that as one of the angles

  • In the Healthy Aging Funnel, I mentioned that ads aren’t always produced from fresh and neither does it have, just like the landing page, but what’s important is to make it as targeted and relatable as possible

  • Runners’ funnel looks pretty much similar like healthy aging funnel, but the primary difference is, they mention runners in their copy and messaging

  • If you check out the landing page, you’ll notice one new section being added specifically for this one—3 Reasons why Runners love AG1

  • All the other sections are pretty much the same, but one important thing to note here is, for other 2 landing pages, there was a section named “Recommended by top health experts & performers”, but for this one, they’ve changed the title to Trusted by Award Winning Athletes and you can see why—making it as targeted and relatable as possible!

Note: For any reason, if the image isn’t clear to you, or you are unable to zoom in, you can view it inside the Gdrive here, or just download it from there and view/zoom it.

Alright folks, that’s it for today. With this, we wind up with AG funnel series breakdown.

I’ll see you inside tomorrow’s nuggets!

Thank you.

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