Monday, April 29

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Happy Monday, DTC enthusiasts!

There is no better sound than the ‘Ka-Ching!’ of your cash register machines as you complete a sale. Here’s wishing you hear that sound a lot more this week.

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Let’s get into it👇


In one of our recent issues, Sai, our in-house paid ads specialist, gave a detailed break down of the metrics to look out for with your ad campaigns.

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If you didn’t already know, there’s a bill that’s been passed to ban TikTok 🤯, but the Founder of TikTok says they’re going to do everything in their power to undo this ban.

The TikTok ban was signed into law Wednesday by President Biden as part of a $95 billion foreign aid package. Under the new law, ByteDance, TikTok's Chinese-based owner, has nine to 12 months to sell the platform to an American owner, or TikTok faces being banned in the U.S.

That said, we totally agree with Jessie here—this shouldn’t be the reason why you stop marketing yourselves on TikTok. You never know what the future holds in store for you, so we keep going!

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Hi, everyone!

I hope you had a greet weekend, got some good sleep last night, and ready to crush the Monday!

As you must’ve figured out, one of my favourite things to talk about is Landing Pages (LPs), and one of the reason being, it’s an extremely important aspect of your performance marketing efforts, and plays an integral role in building a digitally native vertical brands.

There are plenty of landing pages that I like, but this entire week, we’ll dedicate it to breaking down Athletic Greens’ funnels and landing pages.


Because they do an excellent job at it!

Here are their 4 primary funnels:

  1. Ingredients’ funnel

  2. Whole body health funnel

  3. Healthy aging funnel

  4. Runners’ funnel

Today, we’ll specifically breakdown the first funnel

Ingredients’ Funnel

  • This isn’t rocket science. They understand that their product caters to different audiences, and therefore, need to speak to that audience differently. You can’t speak to your boss just like how you’d speak to your partner—the tone, the way you speak, what you speak about—a lot of things are different, except, you’re the same person (the brand identity)

  • This is why you have dedicated funnels to different audiences, and in some cases, you may have different funnels for the same set of audience, but for different products

  • In the case of Ingredients’ funnel, a set of audience is shown ads that is targeted towards the audience who care about the ingredients in their supplement a lot, so they take the angle of leveraging that

  • Once they click these ad(s), they land on a landing page, that’s specifically designed for them—obsessing over the ingredients and backing those claims with stats, clinical studies, reviews, expert recommendations, etc. (this is so important for this angle)

  • Whether they make a purchase or not, they’ll eventually make their way onto Athletic Greens’ email list, where they would enter different emails flows depending on their actions—such as, post-purchase flow, welcome flow, etc. (unless they opt-out to receive these emails, of course)

  • In order to not make this issue extremely lengthy, I won’t be diving into their emails and flows for today. More over, I don’t qualify to receive all their emails, as it depends on the actions I take as well (purchasing, etc.)

Alright, let’s get into it..

Note: For any reason, if the image isn’t clear to you, or you are unable to zoom in, you can view it inside the Gdrive here, or just download it from there and view/zoom it.

Visual credits: Khaled B.

A lot of good things in the world are already invented. You don’t always need to reinvent the wheel. You don’t have to spend months trying to build that perfect landing page which doesn’t exist. There’s always a thing or two you could learn from other brands, figure out what’s working for them or not, take some inspiration, and try to implement a few elements and test it out.

Hope that breakdown was helpful!

Tomorrow, we’ll breakdown their Whole Body Health Funnel (second funnel). If you have any questions/feedback, you can share here.

Thank you.

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