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Dave had some uncommon truths to share about offer testing, and we’re here for it!

While all the notes are on point, we can vouch that gift with purchase is often a win-win situation, unless you’re gifting something at a loss.

Also, testing $ savings instead of % has almost always worked out better for us, although you can’t always know for sure. If you’re offering $3 discount on a $30 product, you may be better off testing it as 10% OFF— you get the gist!


Hi, everyone!

I’d like you to know, there was a glitch yesterday, due to which, the actual breakdown of the whole body health funnel wasn’t shared in the newsletter entirely, and instead, just the end part was shared (Peel Away’s example). Apologies if that was a little confusing yesterday.

To sort this, I’ll share the breakdown for Whole Body Health Funnel today—including the end part, which was meant to be shared yesterday as a whole.

Here are their 4 primary funnels:

  1. Ingredients’ funnel

  2. Whole body health funnel

  3. Healthy aging funnel

  4. Runners’ funnel

Whole Body Health Funnel

  • If you compare this landing page with the Ingredients funnels’ landing page, you’ll notice there isn’t much difference, except for a few things:

    • The sections are pretty much the same, but are in different orders

    • The messaging is slightly different, targeted towards the whole body health audience

    • One additional section has been added (6th section), which says “Feel The Power Of One”—personally, I think this is a great section which perfectly targets this audience, and demonstrates a difference of how much it would cost you if you were to consume traditional supplements

    • This also means, instead of taking 5-7 different supplements, you get to take just one, which is again, backed by strong social proof, science backed research, etc.—and that builds trust!

  • In this funnel*,* a set of audience is shown ads that is targeted towards the audience who care about the whole body health in general, so they take the angle of leveraging that

  • Once they click the ad(s), they land on a landing page, that’s specifically designed for them—talking about the whole body health in general and how AG1 can help, and as well backing those claims with stats, clinical studies, reviews, expert recommendations, etc.

  • Whether they make a purchase or not, they’ll eventually make their way onto Athletic Greens’ email list, where they would enter different emails flows depending on their actions—such as, post-purchase flow, welcome flow, etc. (unless they opt-out to receive these emails, of course)

  • To make their purchase a lot more smoother, they’ve also included a quiz, and that also means they get more data from the customers itself—zero party data!

  • Quizzes are powerful for a few reasons:

    • You understand your customers better

    • When a customer is recommended a product after taking the quiz, the conversions are a lot better because it feels like that’s the right product depending on their inputs

    • With the zero party data (meaning, whatever data customers share with you directly), you can use it to personalize your emails by integrating these tools with the email service providers

    • When I implemented quiz for Peel Away, it reduced our returns by ~55%, since it allowed customers to order the right size in prior

Note: For any reason, if the image isn’t clear to you, or you are unable to zoom in, you can view it inside the Gdrive here, or just download it from there and view/zoom it.

Today, we’ve yet again learnt that you don’t need to design everything from scratch—whether it’s about building a new brand, or if it’s for building a new landing page for a different audience.

In the case of Peel Away as well, the landing pages I’ve built for 2 different audiences—Moms and Caregivers, are pretty much the same, but I’ve made small changes, that Moms and Caregivers could relate. When they landing on your landing page, your job is to make them feel, “Oh yeah, that’s me, and I need it!!”

See the difference? It’s not much, but that tiny difference can make a lot of difference. If you’re going to drive all of your traffic towards one single page, it’s pretty much impossible to talk like you’re talking directly to that one visitor, unless of course—you’re going after just one specific audience and would need just one landing page.

Alright folks, that’s it for today. What do you think of these breakdowns? I’d really appreciate it if you could let me know here. And if you have any questions, feel free to share that!

Thank you.

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