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Hi to all of you hustlers working really hard!

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Alright lets get into today’s edition

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  • Structure Your Ad Account using 1-3-5 Framework 🧪

  • Ibrahim’s Nuggets: Athletic Greeen’s whole body health funnel

Let’s get into it👇


We’ve had some experience using a software such as Yotpo (reviews app for Shopify) as well, and it was baaaad, especially how they try to lock you up with the annual commitments.

We’re not here to spread hatred, but if someone’s doing a disservice to the community, we should call out and help others not fall for it, and if someone does an excellent job at something, likewise, that deserves a shout-out!

Check out this Sean’s X thread, and you might be able to save yourself 100s of dollars, if not thousands.

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Structure Your Ad Account using 1-3-5 Framework 🧪

1️⃣ One Campaign:☝️ You don't need 'n' number of campaigns for different Ads or Interest groups.

Get started with One Campaign and create multiple Ad Sets within the Campaign based on your targeting strategy.

For example, let's say you are a premium sneakers brand. And, you are starting Meta Ads tomorrow.

You can create a "TOF-May" campaign and use the same campaign throughout this year.

Create 2 more campaigns for MOF and BOF respectively.

2️⃣ Three Ad Sets 🤟 Create 3 ad sets with 3 different audience combinations.

Note: Based on your niche, you can choose up to 5 ad sets and create a mix-match strategy 📖

Within "TOF-May", Ad-set-1: Men between 25 and 40 interested in "Shoes" Ad-set-2: Women between 25 and 35 working in IT Industry Ad-set-3: Men and women between 30 and 40 interested in Nike, Adidas, and Reebok . .

And so on. You get the idea 💭


  • If you have an email list, create a lookalike audience and test it.

  • If you have more ideas to test but are constrained on budget, note and rotate them with your non-performing ad sets.

3️⃣ Five Ads 🖐️ Based on the Interest Groups, write your Ads speaking directly to your target audience.

Humans resonate with identities.

So, let your creatives be about their identity and be creative to not make it offensive.

For example, if you're targeting IT professionals, you can use "Made for IT Professionals like YOU!"

A quick set of thumb rules → 3 to 5 campaigns per ad account → 3 to 5 ad sets in each campaign → 3 to 5 ads in each ad set

This framework will allow you to get started and analyse results with ease.

Once you get a knack for it, You can increase the Ads and Ad sets at your convenience 🙌

Disclaimer: This is one of many ways on how you can structure your ad account. There’s no right or wrong. The fundamental is to minimise clutter. Less clutter equals greater ease to manage and track your ads by you or anyone within your organisation.


Hi, there!

Hope you’ve had a great start to the week so far. Yesterday, we covered Athletic Greens’ (AG’s) Ingredients’ funnel, and today, we’ll breakdown AG’s whole body health funnel.

Here are their 4 primary funnels:

  1. Ingredients’ funnel

  2. Whole body health funnel

  3. Healthy aging funnel

  4. Runners’ funnel

Whole Body Health Funnel

Note: For any reason, if the image isn’t clear to you, or you are unable to zoom in, you can view it inside the Gdrive here, or just download it from there and view/zoom it.

Today, we’ve yet again learnt that you don’t need to design everything from scratch—whether it’s about building a new brand, or if it’s for building a new landing page for a different audience.

In the case of Peel Away as well, the landing pages I’ve built for 2 different audiences—Moms and Caregivers, are pretty much the same, but I’ve made small changes, that Moms and Caregivers could relate. When they landing on your landing page, your job is to make them feel, “Oh yeah, that’s me, and I need it!!”

See the difference? It’s not much, but that tiny difference can make a lot of difference. If you’re going to drive all of your traffic towards one single page, it’s pretty much impossible to talk like you’re talking directly to that one visitor, unless of course—you’re going after just one specific audience and would need just one landing page.

Alright folks, that’s it for today. What do you think of these breakdowns? I’d really appreciate it if you could let me know here. And if you have any questions, feel free to share that!

Thank you.

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