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The 5 things in DTC you need to know today

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  • Planning to Take Your DTC Marketing to the Next Level?

  • The AI Revolution in eCommerce: A Playbook for D2C Brands

  • The Fast vs Cheap Shipping Dilemma for DTC Brands in 2024

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#1 - Planning to Take Your DTC Marketing to the Next Level?

We've created an in-depth eBook that outlines effective strategies you can apply to your business. Our guide covers the essential aspects of successful DTC marketing:

  • Simple break down of each strategy

  • Actionable tips easy to implement

  • With Case Study Examples

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#3 - The AI Revolution in eCommerce: A Playbook for D2C Brands

The Scoop: AI is transforming e-commerce, enabling personalized experiences, dynamic content, trend prediction, and automated support. To stay competitive, D2C brands must understand AI's impact and potential.

Getting Personal with AI: D2C brands can create hyper-personalized, one-on-one customer experiences at scale using AI. Virtual try-ons, individualized recommendations, chatbots, and predictive personalization deeply engage shoppers and meet their needs.

AI-Powered Plays for D2C:

  • Generate variations of product descriptions, guides, and content for different audiences using generative AI

  • Offer AR/VR experiences that let customers virtually test products pre-purchase

  • Deploy AI chatbots as personal shopping guides to assist customers

  • Optimize pricing and promotions in real-time based on demand and customer insights

  • Use AI social listening to spot trends and inform marketing strategies

Gauging Success:

  • Compare engagement, conversions, and revenue per visitor between AI-driven and generic experiences

  • Assess chatbot performance by tracking interactions, sales, and sentiment

  • Analyze return rates for products bought through AI recommendations

Looking Ahead: Automated, AI-powered personalization and content generation will soon be essential for D2C. Anticipate emotionally attuned chatbots, proactive AI to reduce churn, and dynamically optimized user experiences. D2C brands that leverage AI to deliver hyper-relevant journeys will thrive.

Keeping It Real: AI offers exciting possibilities, but don't lose your unique brand voice. Embrace AI to streamline and optimize, but always infuse authentic storytelling. AI should amplify your brand, not replace it.

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#5 - The Fast vs Cheap Shipping Dilemma for DTC Brands in 2024

The Scoop: As we approach 2024, DTC brands are under pressure to provide fast and affordable shipping. Over 60% of shoppers expect free delivery within 3 days, which is challenging for many ecommerce businesses.

Customer Impact: Shipping can make or break the online shopping experience. DTC brands must understand their target audience's shipping expectations to stay competitive.


  • Offer free shipping for orders over a certain amount

  • Partner with 3PLs for faster, cheaper fulfillment

  • Optimize order routing based on warehouse or store location

  • Provide options like curbside pickup or in-store pickup

  • Use retail spaces for local same-day delivery


  • Shipping speed and cost per order for profitability

  • Customer shipping feedback and repeat purchase impact

  • Key shipping metrics in a central dashboard

Looking Ahead: Fast and free shipping will become increasingly important for DTC brands. Investing in a flexible fulfillment strategy is crucial for customer acquisition and retention.

Final Thoughts: Focus on understanding your customers' needs and build shipping policies to match. Leverage 3PL partnerships and innovative fulfillment approaches to impress buyers without sacrificing profits.

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