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The 5 things in DTC you need to know today

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  • How Pop-Ups Drive D2C Brand Success

  • Stopping eCommerce Scams in Their Tracks

  • Why Shifting Customer Expectations Require Agile Commerce Platforms

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#1 - How Pop-Ups Drive D2C Brand Success

The Scoop: Pop-up shops have blown up as a top marketing tactic for direct-to-consumer brands. Their popularity surged post-COVID, offering clever solutions to key challenges - cutting through noise, boosting community, acquiring customers, and bringing brands to life interactively.

Resonating with Customers: Pop-ups give D2C brands valuable face time with their diehard community. Fans crave exclusive experiences, early access to new launches, chances to steer product development, and memorable brand moments worth posting online.

Smart Brand Plays:

  • Bring in complementary partners for added food, drinks, activities

  • Wow visitors with exclusives and previews they can’t get elsewhere

  • Craft Instagrammable scenes that rake in user-generated content

  • Combine with local ads to increase foot traffic from passersby

Tracking Performance:

  • Sales and customer acquisition

  • Social media impressions and reach

  • Brand lift through press and online buzz

What’s Next: As experiential retail mushrooms, pop-ups will integrate more digital elements like livestreams - expanding engagement and hype.

Our take: Don’t just spotlight products or offers. Incorporate interactive surprises that spark delight and sharing - fueling deeper emotional bonds with your brand.

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#3 - Stopping eCommerce Scams in Their Tracks

The Rundown: eCommerce fraud is exploding, with losses in the US expected to hit $91 billion by 2028. "Friendly" fraud through bogus chargebacks is one of the most common schemes. Merchants are fighting back, investing heavily in fraud prevention tools and AI that detects shady patterns.

Connecting with Shoppers: Fraud erodes consumer trust and crushes retention. Brands that visibly protect customers and swiftly address issues can build loyalty. Clear security policies also provide reassurance.

Smart Brand Plays:

  • Test cutting-edge verification like ID checks and blockchain payments

  • Prominently advertise security measures

  • Incentivize enrollment in protection programs

  • Partner with cyber firms on bundled safety solutions

Tracking Progress: Follow metrics like dodged fraud orders, chargeback stats, dual verification opt-ins, and post-purchase NPS for security sentiment.

The Future: As fraud evolves, expect mass adoption of behavior tracking and biometrics paired with seamless cryptography shielding users. Trust will separate the best brands.

Our view: Don't underestimate the power of empathy in fraud prevention. Many chargeback "offenders" aren't hardened criminals but everyday shoppers confused by unclear policies or scared by real credit card issues. Brands that compassionately assess each case—not just with suspicion—can turn more scenarios into rehabilitation opportunities rather than punitive outcomes. Investing in support resources and two-way dialog is smart relationship building, even with customers who seem to be taking advantage at first.

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#5 - Why Shifting Customer Expectations Require Agile Commerce Platforms

The Story: Global B2B ecommerce is set to explode in the coming years. This growth seems to be driven by B2B buyers increasingly expecting the convenience and personalization of B2C experiences when researching and purchasing products.

What Customers Want: Today's B2B customers want on-demand access to detailed product information, transparent pricing, and fast order fulfillment and delivery - just as they've come to enjoy as consumers. Meeting these demands requires brands to implement systems that enable customized marketing, seamless transactions, and frictionless post-purchase experiences.

Smart Brand Moves:

  • Use AI and unified customer data to provide tailored recommendations and experiences

  • Offer specialized payment methods like ACH and purchase orders, not just credit cards

  • Sync inventory, shipping costs and timelines across all channels

  • Explore direct-to-consumer sales channels alongside B2B using flexible commerce platforms

Tracking Success: Relevant metrics and dashboards include site traffic conversion rates, repeat purchase rates, and average order value. These provide insight into platform performance and customer response.

The Road Ahead: Brands that anticipate and meet ever-rising customer expectations around convenience and personalization will likely gain wallet share as buying continues shifting online.

Our POV: Smart B2B brands will get ahead of the curve by proactively adopting agile commerce technology. This positions them to experiment with new segments like D2C while efficiently servicing core B2B accounts.

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