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The 5 things in DTC you need to know today

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  • eBook Launch!

  • Streamlining eCommerce Returns

  • Luxury Retailers Struggle With Flood of Counterfeits On TikTok

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#1 - DTC Daily has reached 20,000 readers!

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#2 - The Top 50 Irresistible Facebook Ads

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#3 - Streamlining eCommerce Returns

The Rundown: Managing returns is essential for e-commerce businesses to provide good customer service, but inefficient returns processes can be frustrating and expensive.


  1. Set up a transparent, lenient returns policy on your website outlining eligibility, timeframes, procedures, and reasons for returns.

  2. Implement an automated return authorization system to handle approvals quickly while preventing fraud.

  3. Streamline the physical returns process by including prepaid shipping labels and packaging with orders, and automating refunds.

  4. Refine internal restocking processes to efficiently inspect, process, and reshelf returned inventory.

  5. Use return analytics to identify trends, AI to detect fraud, and software to optimize operations.

Takeaway: This article outlines practical steps e-commerce businesses can take to streamline their returns process. By following the recommendations around policy, automation, fulfillment, and leveraging data, merchants can transform returns management into a source of customer satisfaction.

🗣 Want to Reach an Audience of 20,000 DTC Brands? Start Here…

#4 - Things Worth Checking Out

TECHNOLOGY - BigCommerce launches storefront technology featuring composable architecture

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#5 - Luxury Retailers Struggle With Flood of Fraudulent Returns and Counterfeits On TikTok

The Rundown: Viral TikTok videos are exposing a shocking rise in return fraud and counterfeits being sent to luxury online shoppers.

The details:

  • A woman ordered a $275 ashtray but received a can of tuna from Saks Fifth Avenue instead.

  • Another TikToker got a fake $4,800 leather jacket from Saks rather than the real designer version she paid for.

  • Yet another bought $1,250 designer sandals but the Bottega Veneta store deemed them counterfeit.

Why it matters: As clips spread fast showing buyers receiving bogus or swapped items, trust in online retailers risks plummeting. Luxury e-commerce depends heavily on authenticity and customer confidence. Lose those, and the entire shopping model unravels.

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