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Hi everyone,

The key to success is trying different things, identifying what's working, and then doubling down on it.
So keep implementing the strategies in this newsletter and trying some of the tools, and I promise you, things are going to work out for you.

All right, let’s get into it.

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Let’s get into it👇


If you came to us asking to write the copy for this brand, we would’ve never written something like this. And because this matches the personality of the Founder, this might either perform extremely well, or it could slightly backfire, but we can all agree—it’s bold! 🫡

This is what Ibrahim means, when he says, “sometimes you’ve gotta do a few things yourself, because you’re meant to do it better than anyone else” 😎

As a Founder of the brand, if you hire a storyteller, that’s fine to fill the content calendar, but if you, as a Founder, can create content and spread your stories and messaging, now that’s powerful, and the right audience would eventually connect with you.. 🤌


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11 Ways to Boost Your Click Through Rates

1. Make message-driven ads - Use laser focused messaging to attract the eyes of right set of audience.

Example: “By subscribing to DTC Daily, You get actionable tips, insights and resources that can sky-rocket your ecommerce business growth.”

2. Pick Aesthetic Images - A great picture says a thousand words. Choose clear, attractive images that grab attention.


3. Use Eye-Catching Colors -

Go against the odd, use colors which aren’t generally used. Make sure you integrate in your brand book and not just in your ads.


4. Use Numbers in Headlines - Numbers draw attention. They can make people want to learn more.

Example: Remember this email’s subject line? “11 Ways to Boost your CTRs”

5. Personalise the Ads - Customers just want to know “What’s in it for me?”

So, ensure you frame your ads around your customer. (Even this sentence is about ‘you’)

6. Focus on Benefits - An extension of the above point, always focus on benefits over features.


Instead of: “Our new moisturiser is effective, healthy, and perfect for your skin”.

Say: “Our Cream cleans your pores, moisturizes your skin, and adjusts to your skin type”.

Instead of: “Our shirt fabric is made out of german-technology material”

Say: “Stay odour free even after 3 days with our shirts”.

7. Create for Mobile - 90% of your customers are viewing your ad on mobile. Use 1:1 or 9:16 formats for ease of viewing.

8. Show you’re Trustworthy - Social Proof is a crucial element to get your customers to trust you. However, instead of only showing the testimonies, ensure to show your products along. Works great for Bottom Funnel.

9. Keep it Short and Sweet - If you have read this email this far, its coz all my sentences are short and sweet. Aren’t they?

Speak on point with minimal words.

10. Show Faces - When I say faces, its not the stock images/videos I’m talking about.

I mean:

The faces behind the brand - You and Your team

The faces who bought your products - Customers,

The faces who affiliate your products - Influencers

11. Use Emotional Cues - This one topic is a masterclass in itself. While I can go on and on, I recommend to read this descriptive blog for details and references.



Hope you’ve had a great start to the week so far. Yesterday, we discussed on how you could lower your returns, and today, we’ll touch base on a few things related to Meta!

If you’re struggling with Meta Ads, these 8 hacks can be helpful:

  1. Create 5 different ads from a single ad

    • Take your best performing creative

    • Note 5 different sales angle your audience could resonate with

    • keep the ad same, just change the first 4-5 seconds in the creative

    • While producing new creatives is important to avoid ad fatigue, you don’t need to always produce everything from the scratch. You can find winning ads among the winning ads too!

  2. Want to check comments on your ads in a blink of eye?

    • Go to ads

    • Select the ad you want to check comments on

    • Press Ctrl+Y

    • It'll open performance chart on the side panel

    • You can check ad performance, ad comments & much more..

  3. Want to keep the social proof (likes, comments, shares) of your ad when using it for another campaign?

    • Use the post ID of the ad instead of recreating it

    • Whenever you’re using the same ads, don’t just duplicate it. Instead, use its post ID, and It’ll help you to get all the social proof in one ad

    • I know this sounds simple, but it can hugely impact the performance of your ads. Social proof really matters!

  4. Once you’re done creating your campaign:

    • Go through campaign, Ad-set, Ads, again

    • Check budget, location, and targeting

    • Check headline, primary text, UTM parameter & links

    • Even a single mistake can ruin your whole campaign, so double-check everything

  5. Try creating 2 ads, everything same, just change the initial hook

    • Try 2 hooks:

      • Hook #1: Need age-appropriate clothes to feel fashionable?

      • Hook #2: Tired of “Old Lady Fashion” options?

      • These hooks can definitely be better, but I’m just putting them here for the sake of this example to give you an idea

    • Same ad, just different hooks

    • Interesting thing is, they’ll perform differently almost all the times

  6. Want to see which demographics are performing the best?

    • Use the Breakdown tool

    • Select the campaign, ad set, or ad and click “Breakdown” at the top right screen

    • You can breakdown performance by:

      • Age

      • Gender

      • Country, etc.

  7. Switch features of products to benefit

    • Instead of: “Our new cream is effective, healthy, and perfect for your skin”.

    • Say: “Our Cream cleans your pores, moisturizes your skin, and adjusts to your skin type”

    • People don’t buy features, they buy benefits

    • Likewise, when someone’s buying a lottery ticket, all they’re buying is the hope..hope to win a million dollars, and that’s the benefit of buying the ticket!

  8. Testing

    • NEVER stop testing

    • If you want to scale, you could be losing money initially in testing new audiences, creatives & landing pages, and that’s okay, as long as you know your numbers

    • It’s like you’re investing for future returns, but just like the market, the returns are never guaranteed, and that’s a risk you should be willing to take if you run a DTC business

    • If you don’t have the budget to begin with, you can always start with organic marketing

Alright, that’s it for today.

I’ll see you tomorrow inside the Wednesday deep dive!


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