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The 5 things in DTC you need to know today

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  • Instagram or TikTok? Choosing the Right Social Media Platform to Influence Customers

  • Connecting With Customers Through Education

  • Report: Gen Z and Millennials Want AI in Shopping

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#1 - Instagram or TikTok? Choosing the Right Social Media Platform to Influence Customers

The Rundown: Instagram's still ruling influencer marketing, but TikTok's catching up quick as creators and brands start taking notice.

Connecting With Customers: D2C brands first need to figure if their target audience is more hooked on Instagram or TikTok these days. Then they can match influencer partners that jive with their vibe and products.

Ways for Brands to Play:

  • Try both platforms with nano or micro-influencers that actually bond with their customers

  • See how TikTok's creative formats like duets and stitches can show off products

  • Peep the impact on sales and brand awareness

Tracking Success:

  • Sales money directly from influencer promo codes

  • Website visits and conversions from link clicks

  • Brand sentiment based on comments

What's Ahead: TikTok shopping and livestreams turning mainstream for D2C marketing. Instagram doubling up on shoppable creator content.

Our POV: Carefully pick creators based on audience fit, not just follower counts. Building real relationships beyond one-time ads brings the wins home.

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#3 - Connecting With Customers Through Education

The Rundown: Educational content and personalization help D2C brands better engage and retain customers. In my view, this is fast becoming a crucial strategy.

Why It Matters: Customers want to feel valued. Tailored advice and brand stories build trust and affinity. At least, that's what the data seems to indicate.

Opportunities for Brands:

  • Quizzes to uncover needs and fit products to them

  • Founder Q&As to directly address questions. I think these humanize brands.

  • Personalized tutorials based on consumer data - a smart use of data, if you ask me

  • Co-create products with brand fans. This builds authentic connections.

Tracking Impact:

  • Quiz usage and post-quiz sales

  • Event participation and video views

  • Sales from recommendations

What's Next: As competition intensifies, education and personalization will be key for retention and growth. In my opinion, this trend is here to stay. Expect more intimate events, advanced segmentation, and co-creation.

The Takeaway: Don't just push products. Teach customers why you uniquely solve their problems. Foster authentic connections. Building loyalty pays off

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#4 - Things Worth Checking Out

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PAYMENTS - PayPal targets abandoned checkouts with ‘complete payments’ launch

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#5 - Gen Z and Millennials Want AI in Shopping

The Rundown: New data reveals over 50% of Gen Z and millennials are open to AI capabilities that create customized digital shopping experiences.

Connecting With Customers: Young online shoppers today expect seamless journeys that feel personalized from start to finish. Implementing AI tools that simplify navigation and deliver tailored recommendations is key to meeting their high expectations.

Opportunities Ahead:

  • Chatbots for individualized support and product suggestions, which can be hugely beneficial

  • Algorithms that curate products catered to shopper preferences, allowing for personalization

  • AR/VR integration to digitally showcase products in an exciting way

  • Partnerships with AI providers to test the newest features on the cutting-edge

Tracking Performance: Monitor metrics like cart abandonment rates and sales driven by AI tools. Build AI dashboards to spotlight successes.

The Future: AI will increasingly become standard in online shopping, especially when targeting younger demographics. Early AI adoption can set brands apart in a highly competitive space.

Our View: Balance cutting-edge AI with human connection. Though tech drives convenience, authenticity still resonates powerfully - that's vital for D2C brands selling community alongside products.

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