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Sean is the Founder of Ridge, and this was a really interesting thread to read 🤌

You can read the entire thread here.


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4 timeless types of social proof that build and win trust even though your website sucks.

There's a lot of buzz around CRO, UI/UX and 300 other things you need to do to boost your conversion rates.

But I believe in one fundamental that always overthrows the website experience if your product solves a problem.

I call this fundamental "FICC."


4 timeless types of social proof that build and win trust even though your website sucks.

1. Founder & Team
2. Influencer/Celebrity Endorsements
3. Certifications/Media Features
4. Customers

The more you have each of them, the higher your conversions.

FICC always drives conversions, and UI/UX adds to it, not Vice Versa.


Hi, there!

Have you ever wondered what really gets your customers to click "Buy Now"? It's not just a great product—it's understanding the psychology behind their decisions. Let's dive into some key psychological triggers that can help you connect with your audience and boost those conversions.

1. Reciprocity: Give some, get some

  • People love to return favors

  • When you offer something valuable for free—like a free sample product—customers feel an urge to reciprocate

  • This simple act of giving can be the nudge they need to make a purchase

  • Think about what you can offer to create that sense of goodwill

2. Scarcity and urgency: Creating FOMO

  • Limited-time offers and low-stock alerts tap into the fear of missing out (FOMO)

  • Highlight that your product is in short supply or available for a limited time

  • Make sure if you say your product’s price increases in the next 24 hours, you ensure it actually does, otherwise you’ll be another me too brand faking it, and that’s bad for the brand image

3. Social proof: Everyone’s doing it

  • Humans are social creatures—we like to follow the crowd, especially when we're unsure

  • Showcase your reviews, testimonials, and user-generated content

  • When potential customers see others loving your product, they’re more likely to join in

  • It’s about building community and trust

4. Authority: Trust the experts

  • People trust experts and authority figures

  • Position your brand as an authority in your niche with endorsements, expert reviews, and certifications

  • When customers see that experts back your product, their confidence in making a purchase grows. It’s simple, and yet ignored!

  • Tip if you’re on a tight budget: Try sending free products to relevant professionals, such as Doctors for example, and try getting their endorsements and expert reviews

5. Consistency: Start small, think big

  • Once someone makes a small commitment, they’re more likely to stick with it

  • Encourage small initial actions, like signing up for a newsletter or taking a quiz

  • These small steps make it easier for them to follow through with a purchase later

  • Consistency is key

6. Liking: Be the brand they love

  • We prefer buying from brands and people we like

  • Build a friendly and relatable brand persona

  • Share your story, engage with your audience, and show genuine interest in their needs

  • The more they like you, the more they’ll trust and buy from you, and that’s pretty much the same with every human on this planet

7. Anchoring: Set the right benchmark

  • The first piece of information your customers get (the anchor) sets the tone for everything else

  • Use anchoring to your advantage by presenting your premium products first

  • This makes your other offerings seem more affordable and attractive in comparison

8. Emotional connection: Speak to the heart

  • Emotions drive decisions more than logic

  • Tap into emotions by telling compelling stories, using evocative visuals, and highlighting the emotional benefits of your products

  • Whether it’s joy, nostalgia, or empowerment, connect on an emotional level to make your brand unforgettable

These triggers can be really helpful in crafting marketing strategies, although you can dive really deep into what actually ticks humans apart from this.

If you’re a Marketer, definitely recommend studying psychology and humans, and you don’t have to go to college for that. We live in an era where the resources are in abundance—books, podcasts, courses, youtube, etc.

Studying humans is one my favourite things to do, so if you need some suggestions, feel free to ask here, and I’ll suggest something according to your needs.

Alright folks, that’s it for today.

I’ll see you tomorrow inside the Wednesday deep dive :)


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