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The 5 things in DTC you need to know today

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  • Your DTC Brand's Golden Ticket to Explosive Global Growth

  • Mastering Returns: The Key to D2C Ecommerce Success

  • Sam's Club Doubles Down on Digital to Boost Convenience

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#1 - Your DTC Brand's Golden Ticket to Explosive Global Growth

The Scoop: With the global e-commerce market set to hit a jaw-dropping $6.3 trillion in 2024, growth-hungry DTC brands have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to strike gold. By taking your brand international, you can tap into fresh customer segments, slash acquisition costs, and watch those average order values soar.

Getting Up Close and Personal: The key to your global customers' hearts? A shopping experience that feels tailor-made just for them. We're talking their language, their currency, and products hand-picked to match their unique tastes and trends. Nail that localized vibe and watch those international conversions skyrocket.

Your Global Game Plan:

  • Dive deep into multilingual SEO to get your brand in front of the right international eyes

  • Wow global shoppers with prices and promos that hit the sweet spot for their market

  • Curate country-specific collections that tap into local trends and seasonality

  • Make global checkout a breeze with familiar shipping options and crystal-clear costs

  • Show international love with localized content and native language TLC

Keeping Score:

  • Keep tabs on those international traffic and conversion rate jumps

  • See how your global AOVs and lifetime values stack up

  • Get the inside scoop on localized user experience straight from your international fans

Your Global DTC Future: As more brands max out their home turf, going global is going from nice-to-have to must-have. The DTC legends of tomorrow? They're the ones doubling down on seamless localization and cross-border operations today. Don't get left in the dust - your piece of the global pie awaits.

Real Talk: Global domination doesn't happen overnight - and that's okay. Start small, get the localized essentials dialed in, and grow from there. Your international customers are out there, ready and waiting. So take that leap of faith and show the world what your brand is made of.

#2 - Instantly Stand Out And Leave A Memorable Impression

Metal business cards are a powerful marketing tool for DTC companies and brands to instantly stand out in a crowded market, breeding word-of-mouth and referrals, and opening doors to new partnerships.’s metal cards and custom metal tags are being used to:

  • Instantly stand out in trade shows and when meeting potential distribution partners

  • Create jaw-dropping certificates of authenticity for unique products

  • Recognize VIP membership and high-profile clientele status

  • Add custom signature on luxury items or works of art

  • Commemorate special occasions or limited drops

These unique cards make a bold statement: a commitment to quality, innovation and attention to detail.

We guarantee your cards will make you stand out or we will give you your money back.

#3 - Mastering Returns: The Key to D2C Ecommerce Success

The Scoop: For D2C ecommerce brands, sky-high return rates of 20-40% are a major drag on profits. With returns eating up to 25% of the bottom line, getting a handle on returns is crucial for long-term success and keeping customers happy.

The Customer Connection: Online shoppers are taking a leap of faith without being able to see or try products in person. D2C brands can build trust by being generous with returns, providing detailed product info, and keeping shoppers in the loop.

How D2C Brands Can Step Up:

  • Give customers at least 30 days to make returns—it can slash return rates by over 50%

  • Up your product photo game, explore AR/VR, and encourage customer reviews

  • Dig into return data to spot product issues and areas to improve

  • Nudge customers toward prepaid vs. cash on delivery to reduce return to origin

  • Make your reverse logistics sing to handle returns and refunds ASAP

Keeping Score:

  • Zero in on return rates by product type and price point

  • Flag fit-related returns to troubleshoot sizing and design

  • Get post-return customer feedback on the reasons and the process

What's Next: Easy returns will become the new normal as ecommerce heats up. Savvy D2C brands will use AI for personalized fits, AR/VR for try-before-you-buy, and white glove post-purchase service to make returns a relationship-builder.

Advice to Chew On: Returns aren't just a headache—they're an opportunity to impress customers. Studying returns can reveal aha moments to perfect your products and marketing. Nail your return policies and logistics, and you'll have a leg up on the competition for earning loyal customers.

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#4 - Things Worth Checking Out

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#5 - Sam's Club Doubles Down on Digital to Boost Convenience

The Rundown: Sam's Club, the membership warehouse club arm of Walmart, has been rapidly enhancing its digital and omnichannel capabilities over the past few years. The goal? Making shopping easier and more convenient for its members, especially in the wake of changing consumer behaviors post-COVID.

What Members Want: By heavily investing in mobile app features like Scan & Go checkout, curbside pickup, and AI-powered exit gateways, Sam's Club is directly addressing the strong consumer desire for fast, contactless, frictionless shopping experiences. These digital connections help strengthen relationships with members.

What D2C Brands Can Do:

  • Explore partnership opportunities with Sam's Club to expand customer reach

  • Consider using Sam's fulfillment services for fast shipping and omnichannel options

  • Take cues from Sam's app strategy to drive more frequent purchases and boost retention

  • Apply computer vision and AI to streamline your own checkout and returns process

  • Use customer data wisely to power personalized product recommendations

Metrics That Matter:

  • Percentage of sales and growth coming from Sam's Club digital channels/partnerships

  • Average order value, retention rates, and lifetime value of Sam's Club customers

  • Customer perception of your brand's convenience and omnichannel experience

What's Next: As mega-retailers like Walmart and Sam's Club keep upping their digital game, D2C brands will need to find ways to match the level of convenience through their own channels. Expect to see more partnerships that blend D2C brand innovation with big retail tech and logistics muscle.

Our Take: D2C brands can compete against retail giants by being more agile in crafting unique, personalized online experiences and nurturing a strong brand community. Focus on your authentic brand story and direct customer relationships to stand out from the big box crowd.

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