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The 5 things in DTC you need to know today

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  • DTC Brands' Bumpy Road to Global Domination

  • Crafting an Order Fulfillment Strategy That Wins Customer Loyalty

  • TikTok Shop: Social Commerce Revolution or Passing Fad?

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#1 - DTC Brands' Bumpy Road to Global Domination

The Rundown: A new article shows that direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands like Manscaped, Pepper Bras and Beachwaver are rapidly expanding internationally into markets like Canada, the UK, Australia, and beyond.

Key points:

  • Global expansion allows DTC brands to tap into millions of new potential customers outside the saturated US market.

  • Many are taking an online-first approach by selling abroad via their own ecommerce sites before exploring partnerships with foreign retailers.

  • However, brands like Parade and Labucq have halted shipping to some markets, finding cross-border operational headaches like taxes, regulations, and high shipping costs outweigh the benefits.

  • The report recommends brands test expansion gradually, as consumer preferences and retail infrastructure differ greatly across borders.

The relevance: This trend ties into the bigger growth ceiling DTC brands are hitting in the US, forcing them to look to international markets for their next stage of scale and revenues.

As the article makes clear, the path to global domination is filled with obstacles, even for digital-first brands. Still, at this point in time, expanding overseas represents a critical opportunity for DTC brands to continue their meteoric rise.

#2 - Instantly Stand Out And Leave A Memorable Impression

Metal business cards are a powerful marketing tool for DTC companies and brands to instantly stand out in a crowded market, breeding word-of-mouth and referrals, and opening doors to new partnerships.’s metal cards and custom metal tags are being used to:

  • Instantly stand out in trade shows and when meeting potential distribution partners

  • Create jaw-dropping certificates of authenticity for unique products

  • Recognize VIP membership and high-profile clientele status

  • Add custom signature on luxury items or works of art

  • Commemorate special occasions or limited drops

These unique cards make a bold statement: a commitment to quality, innovation and attention to detail.

We guarantee your cards will make you stand out or we will give you your money back.

#3 - Crafting an Order Fulfillment Strategy That Wins Customer Loyalty

The Rundown: Operating an online business? Providing exceptional products at great prices is just the start. You also need a streamlined order delivery system to turn one-time shoppers into loyal, repeat customers. This post breaks down a foolproof e-commerce fulfillment plan.


  1. Source quality inventory from reputable suppliers to showcase in your online storefront.

  2. Set up a storage and warehouse operation to safely stock products before sale. Consider investing in a smart warehouse system to enable tracking.

  3. List products on e-commerce platforms like Shopify or Amazon and start processing orders from real paying customers.

  4. Retrieve purchased products from warehouses, pack appropriately for shipping, and prepare for transit.

  5. Determine the best delivery method based on factors like cost, delivery times and order volumes. Consider third-party shipping services like USPS to simplify.

  6. Provide stellar customer service and quickly address issues that crop up post-delivery to ensure complete satisfaction.

  7. Plan for inevitable returns by disclosing policies upfront and efficiently managing product replacements.

Actionable Takeaway: Implementing a strategic approach to order fulfillment will grow your e-commerce business by leaps and bounds. Pay close attention to packaging, shipping partner integrations and returns processing - these factors create memorable customer experiences that drive loyalty.

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#5 - TikTok Shop: Social Commerce Revolution or Passing Fad?

The Rundown: TikTok Shop blends entertainment and shopping in the TikTok app, leading to huge early growth in sales and users. But the platform faces sustainability questions and problems fulfilling demand.

The details:

  • TikTok Shop taps into surging social commerce, allowing users to directly buy products featured in videos. Some sellers have earned an extra $20k from one viral video.

  • However, TikTok Shop struggles with order fulfillment, shipping delays, and strict performance policies that penalize small businesses.

  • As commission fees rise and discounts shrink, the business model risks losing its appeal for sellers even as ads upset viewers.

Why it matters: TikTok Shop represents the beginning of a new era where entertainment and online shopping merge. But its future impact depends on overcoming growing pains on both the seller and buyer side.

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