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Hi all,

If things haven't worked out yet, keep believing. And if they have, then it's time to double down.

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We concur!! đź’Ş

Static ads have always worked, and still stands strong in the world of UGCs and all the other modern formats


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How Colour Influences Buying Decisions Of Your Consumers

Today's topic is a bit different,

Back in 2021 I was curious about why a certain apparel appeals to masses and others which are also good looking do not attract as much as the former.

That's when I realised, in fashion industry, colors plays a significant role in purchase decision.

According to the research paper by Justine Chinoperekweyi, Research Director at Centre for Organization Leadership and Development,

There are 3 variables that influence why a certain apparel is preferred over others.

Color Perception: Consumers' perceptions of color are deeply intertwined with cultural backgrounds and personal experiences, influencing their emotional responses and purchase decisions.

Cultural Influence: Different cultures have varied interpretations and preferences for colors. For example, in many Eastern cultures, red is seen as auspicious and is commonly used in wedding attire to symbolize good fortune and joy.

Emotional & Intellectual Impact: Colors can evoke specific feelings—reds are stimulating and energetic, while blues are perceived as calming and stable. These emotional responses can significantly affect consumer preferences in fashion.

Key Takeaway: Understanding color psychology is about understanding a culture, its significance and the kind of emotion it will evoke due to the perceptions prevailing in certain geographies.

By choosing the right colors, brands can connect more deeply with their customers and stand out in a crowded market.


Hi, there!

Hope you’ve had a great week so far. Since it’s Thursday, let’s try and breakdown an ad today..

What I like about it

Product Focus:

  • The packaging is the central focus, making it easy for customers to recognize the product on the store shelf

    • Never underestimate just how impactful this can be as a strategy—focus on the thing where they are actually giving you more money. Many brands overcomplicate this

  • The minimalist design of the packaging is associated with cleanliness and quality, which is attractive to health-conscious consumers

    • Everything you do, brand or ad related, sends a message

Customer Testimonial:

  • The quote from "Alison P." is relatable and touches on important aspects like taste and texture, which are significant to potential buyers

  • The review also focuses on the fact that there are other proteins, but this one rises above all the rest for the buyer

    • This is good because you are essentially doing a side-by-side comparison in the customer's mind and ensuring that they see your product as the winner, without having to prove anything. That is the power of social proof!

What could be better

Background Imagery:

  • The pastoral scene competes with the product for attention, which can dilute the impact of the ad

  • The base layer behind the product doesn’t mean anything. You could do something to deliver more of a pop, or for it to feel like there is some sort of design impact—like a gradient!

Brand Recognition:

  • I don’t quite understand what the brand name True means here as a potential customer (I buy lots of proteins!). May be I’d understand if I dug a bit deeper into the brand story, but from the point of view of someone that’s completely unaware of the brand, I feel the brand name could’ve been better

What to do

  • To minimize visual clutter, the background could be simplified. For example, a faded image would allow the product to stand out more and reduce the potential confusion the current image may be causing

  • A tagline summarizing the product's unique selling points could be very effective

  • This ad is leaning heavily on the review to do the heavy lifting, but a catchy tagline could really help

    Ex: “You’ll never use another protein again”

    Alright folks, that’s it for today!

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    If you have any questions, feel free to ask here.


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