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Hi there,

Most of the business owners think, writing and creating a persuasive ad can lead to insane purchases.

Let me burst that myth today.

“An Ads purpose isn’t to sell; Its purpose is to stop your prospect from scrolling and make them click.”

(Read that again)

Yes, with Meta Ads, the only purpose is to sell the click.

The actual purchase happens on the website.

Today we’ll be focusing on ads.

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Let’s get into it👇


Google has been busy with some work, and this time, they seem to have taken this AI and all things related to it a

You can read the entire thread here


Marketing is all about experimentation. Until AI, that required lots of time and money.

With Pixii’s AI agent, you can design 50 versions of an ad or social posts in minutes.

All featuring your product photos. Trained to maximize ROI.

The Pixii team wants to empower DTC brands, so they are offering early access for $30/month to DTC Daily subscribers.

How does Pixii work?

  • Chat with Pixii to generate copy and design in your brand

  • Tweak the output in Pixii’s drag-and-drop editor

  • Ask Pixii to create dozens of versions for different messaging, visuals, and dimensions

What are some sample results from DTC brands?

  • Save $15K per month on photoshoots

  • 30% increase in CTR

  • 11 hours per week saved

13 Tips to make your e-commerce site into a conversion magnet

  1. Website Speed: Make sure your site loads fast. No one likes to wait, and a speedy site keeps shoppers happy.

  2. Use High-Res Images only: Use great photos and videos from different angles. It helps people see what they’re buying and gets them excited.

  3. Ease Navigation: Keep your site easy to get around. A simple menu helps people find what they want fast.

  4. Build Mobile-First: A lot of shopping happens on phones and tablets. Make sure your site looks good and works well, no matter the device.

  5. Payment Gateways: Let people pay their way. More payment options mean more happy customers.

  6. Use Announcement Bar: If there’s a sale or an offer running, make sure that’s boldly staring your customer right in the face.

  7. Flaunt Your Reviews: Show off good reviews and happy customer stories on your Homepage, Product page, Cart page, and even Checkout page (Shopify Plus)

  8. Prove Your Credibility: If you have certifications/media publications that can grab your prospect’s attention and prove your credibility.

  9. Skip the Sign-Up: Reduce the friction of creating a new account to purchase from your store.

    a. Go to Settings → Customer Accounts → Change from Classic Customer Accounts to New Customer Accounts

    1. Create Quiz/Interactive Questions: If you have broad set of categories and products, Use quiz tools that can ease your customer’s search by personal recommendations.

    2. Reduce Customer’s Risk: A prospect is always apprehensive while making a purchase. Comfort them by reducing the risk by offering 14-day returns. Make sure that’s clearly visible on your Product Pages.

    3. Add Comparison Tables: Customer always compare. They want to be assured they are going for the best choice. Create comparison tables on your product pages and why your products are superior.

    4. Clear Objections: State the Frequently Asked Questions on your landing pages so that customers objections are answered even before they think of it.


Yesterday, I received some great feedback on the guide I wrote on launching a brand from the scratch.

This was a comment from Marney, “Loved this article! Thank you for a comprehensive, yet concise Launch Guide. I'm printing it out and going to use it as a checklist. This is my 3rd startup and I've never come across a guide that feels so perfect.”

If I was trying to buy a product and I saw a review something similar to this, I’d have almost assumed it to be a paid review. It made my day. Thank you!

If you didn’t get a chance to read that guide yet, you can read it here.

Alright, today, we’ll keep it short, and breakdown an ad:

What’s Good:

  1. Clear Messaging: The ad succinctly communicates the product’s key features: “Permanent Hair Removal in 8 Weeks,” “10 Min Treatments,” and “FDA Cleared”

  2. Visual Appeal: The gradient background and product image create an aesthetically pleasing design

  3. Customer Reviews: Displaying a high star rating (4.8/5) with over 2,000 reviews builds trust, and I love this in static ads

Areas for Improvement:

  1. Lack of Benefits: While the ad mentions features, it doesn’t emphasize the benefits. For example: How does it improve the customer’s life?

  2. Call-to-Action (CTA): The ad lacks a clear CTA. Consider adding a button or text prompting users to take action (e.g., “Shop Now”). Psychology tells us, if you don’t ask people to do something you want, they won’t, except for a few

  3. Visual Hierarchy: The star ratings are placed at the bottom. Move them higher to catch users’ attention sooner, and also make reviews’ text a bit bolder

  4. Social Proof: While the star ratings are positive, including testimonials can make a huge difference, and it doesn’t have to be lengthy

How to Improve:

  1. Benefit-Driven Headline: Replace “Permanent Hair Removal” with a benefit-driven headline like “Say Goodbye to Unwanted Hair Forever!”

  2. CTA Placement: Add a CTA near the product image, encouraging users to explore further

  3. Reviews: Include quotes from satisfied customers

  4. Star ratings: Move them higher to catch users’ attention sooner, and also make reviews’ text a bit bolder

Overall, I think it’s a really good ad, but making a few small changes can entirely change how it performs. Sometimes, while you think it may perform well, there’s also a possibility that the iterated version might perform worse, and that’s okay. Your job is to make these ads as appealing as possible to get the end user to click on the ad.

Remember, effective advertising balances features, benefits, and emotional appeal.

Alright folks, that’s it for today.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask here. And if you’d like me to breakdown your ad in one of these newsletter issues, feel free to share that as well.


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