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Hi folks,

Hope you’ve had a great week so far!

It’s Thursday, and while I usually like to breakdown an Ad on Thursdays, I wanted to share something different today. Whether you’re a Copywriter, Marketer, CMO, or a Founder—check out these 6 swipe file websites that I like. It really helps when I want to find some inspiration, whether it’s to build a landing page, creative, website, or to write copy, and I hope you find it useful too!

Alright, let’s get into it..

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Let’s get into it👇


Sarah is one of the top marketers we know in the DTC world, and you should definitely take a look at this thread.

Read the full thread here.


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đź’Ž Crush Your Facebook Ads with These 5 Essentials

Hey, marketing rockstars!

We often chase shiny new strategies and forget the basics. So, Let's circle back to the fundamentals. Here are five killer tips you need to remember before creating any Facebook Ads:

1. Add Captions and Subtitles: Did you know over 70% of people watch ads with the sound off? Make sure your message is crystal clear, even without audio. Captions and subtitles are a must!

2. Use the Right Formats: For feed placements, stick to 1:1 or 4:5 format creatives. For stories and reels, go with 9:16. Ditch the 16:9 YouTube-style creatives—they don't belong here.

3. Hook 'Em Fast: You’ve got three seconds to grab attention. Make your first three seconds count with an amazing hook. If they don’t see your ad, they won’t click it!

4. Test Stories and Reels Formats: Specifically test 9:16 format creatives for stories and reels. This format is perfect for these placements and can boost your engagement.

5. Focus on the Product, Not the Brand: Your ad should highlight how your product can change customers’ lives. Showcase your product's unique selling points and clearly articulate its value proposition. Forget the brand hype—show the real impact!

Stick to these basics, and you’ll be crushing your Facebook Ads in no time. 💪



6 swipe file websites you shouldn’t miss out on

  1. Scrapbook

Why it's good:

  • Full-length DTC landing pages without leaving the site

  • Organized by various categories

  • One-click access to live landing pages

Ideal for: DTC

  1. Splitbase

    Why it's good:

    • Features multiple categories—landing pages, PDPs, checkout pages, etc.

    • Allows filtering by device type and industry

    Ideal for: DTC

  1. Landing Folio

    Why it's good:

    • Provides options across 6 webpage categories, 30+ industries, and 3 tech stacks

    • One-click code copy for Figma, Webflow, and Tailwind designers (love this feature!)

    Ideal for: SaaS, DTC, and Services

  1. Marketing Examples

    Why it's great:

    • Beautifully simple presentations by Harry Dry

    • Includes a separate swipe file with over 330 handpicked copy examples and 3 filters

    • Came across this on Twitter during my initial Marketing journey, and been loving it ever since!

    Ideal for: DTC & SaaS

  2. Swipe File

    Why it's good:

    • Over 1500 examples of marketing copy

    • 35+ filters to organize swipes

    • Neville Medhora’s Advice section provides breakdowns of top marketing and copy examples for practical use

    Ideal for: Direct Response Copywriting

  3. Swiped

    Why it's good:

    • Filters for various niches and types of copy

    • Switch between live and draft copy to see their impact

    • Quick ad analysis for easy-to-grasp tips and strategies

    Ideal for: Classic copywriting

Alright folks, that’s it for today. Don’t forget to bookmark these sites, so you can jump on to them the next time you find yourself struggling to find some inspiration to build your next million dollar page! If you have any Swipe Files that’s good and would like to share, feel free to reply and let me know.

I’ll see y’all tomorrow inside the Friday Q&As. If you have any questions, this is your last chance this week to ask here.


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