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Hope you all had a good weekend. Great brands are built by great teams. So take 5 minutes out of your schedule today and just send a 'Thank you' note to everyone on your team for putting in the efforts they are.

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We know a lot of people here use Canva for building quick designs, whether it’s for social media post or an ad, and there are some exiting news for all of you Canva lovers! 💙

Madni wrote an expanded Twitter thread on what these updates look like, and you can read them here.


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Here’s how you can get 10x better engagement on your ads

Imagine you saw 2 ads on your feed,

  1. Ad 1 with 8 likes & 0 comments

  2. Ad 2 with 1257 likes & 38 comments

Which one would you trust more?

Of course the second one, with 1257 likes and 38 comments.

Social Proof always sells.

What If I tell you there’s an amazing hack you can use to increase engagement on your ad by 10x.

So here’s the thing, Don’t just duplicate ads into other ad-sets instead use their post-id’s.

It will help to get all social proof in one Ad.

So, If you have 1 ad in 10 different ad-sets, So if anyone comments on any of those ads it will be reflected on all of your ads.

Sounds simple, But can hugely impact the performance

Here’s how you can do it.



Hope you’ve had an amazing weekend, and ready to kick-through the Monday!

Today, I’ll share 5 Facebook Ad formats that have proven to work:

  1. Us vs Them

  2. Sale/Offer Ads

  3. Before and After

  4. UGC Testimonial Video

  5. Message/Comment ads

  1. US vs Them

  • Show how your product is better than other products already available in the market

  • While differentiating the features is fine, focus on differentiating the benefits

  1. UGC Testimonial Video

  • It should look like a genuine recommendation by your customers

  • The tone should be of an excited customer that makes it relatable, real and authentic—not manufactured and sale-sy

  • You can watch an example of this format here

  1. Before and After

  • If your product brings direct change to the appearance of your customer, you should definitely test Before-After static

  • Do remember, Meta is really sensitive to such ads & disapproves them quite frequently

  • You can read Meta’s guidelines on ads here

  • This ad below is slightly a different format of before-after, but it still is one, and shows you what you feel on day 1 in contrast to day 90, and it emphasizes on the benefits while doing it

  1. Sale/Offer Ads

  • These ads can boost your sales when shown to the right audience at the right stage of the funnel

  • Usually, these ads are shown at the bottom of the funnel (hot audience) when your audience is fully brand-aware, but requires some sort of a push to cross that finish line

  1. Message/ comment ads

  • It’s a great scroll stopper and grabs the attention of your audience, and as well as conveys a compelling message

  • It’s the best ad format to show social proof and build credibility. You can show review messages and ad comments from your existing customers

Alright folks, that’s it for today. If you have any questions, feedback, or want me to write about a specific topic, feel free to use this short Google form and let me know.


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