Monday, June 17

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Happy Monday!

Hope you’ve had a great weekend!

I’m writing this on an early Monday morning, and today, Muslims will be celebrating Eid-Al-Adha, although in some parts of the world it was being celebrated yesterday. To everyone celebrating it, happy Eid-Al-Adha to you. Not to mention, it was Father’s day yesterday, so happy belated Father’s day to all the super Dads out there!

Alright, we’ll keep it short today..

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The tweet says it all. You can’t beat WOM. If you’ve build a product that customers love to share with their friends and family, you’ve already won half the battle.


Create and test at scale with Pixii's AI agent

Marketing is all about experimentation. Until AI, that required lots of time and money.

With Pixii’s AI agent, you can design 50 versions of an ad or social posts in minutes.

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The Pixii team wants to empower DTC brands, so they are offering early access for $30/month to DTC Daily subscribers.

How does Pixii work?

  • Chat with Pixii to generate copy and design in your brand

  • Tweak the output in Pixii’s drag-and-drop editor

  • Ask Pixii to create dozens of versions for different messaging, visuals, and dimensions

What are some sample results from DTC brands?

  • Save $15K per month on photoshoots

  • 30% increase in CTR

  • 11 hours per week saved

9 iterations to squeeze the most out of your ads

You rarely get a true 'winning ad' on the first try.

And most of us are clueless about what to do if an ad doesn't work.

Here are 9 iterations you can make to squeeze the most out of your best performers:

Editor Iterations:

1. Add winning hooks from other ads (either replace or insert)

2. Start the ad from different points (any other clips that could be used as hooks?)

3. Length changes (try a shorter version)

4. Mashup - use this ad as the ‘base unit’ and weave in clips from other creatives

5. Mashup - Keep the Voiceover but make it a mashup weaving in b-roll of other creators

6. Summarize the script and turn it into a robot voice over and add it to a b-roll mashup

Creator Iterations:

7. Get multiple people to re-record the winning script/concept (ideally of different races)

8. Have a creator/multiple creators greenscreen the ad

Other Iterations:

9. Whitelist the ad through the creator's page

Source: Alex Cooper's Tweet


Bridging the gap between the ad & LP

Have you ever thought about how to seamlessly connect eye catching ads with landing pages that convert like a charm? Today, we're digging into the art of creating handshake experiences—the smooth transitions from an ad to a landing page that make potential customers feel valued and engaged right from the start.

Aligning ad and landing page copy

If you're running paid search ads (which should be most of you), you know the critical importance of matching your landing page copy with your ad copy. This alignment is a significant factor in Google’s quality score for ads. Brands that neglect to create tailored landing pages matching specific keywords often face higher CPMs. On the other hand, those with relevant, mirrored ad and landing page content enjoy more efficient ad spending.

Clear and compelling CTAs

Your call-to-action (CTA) needs to be clear and compelling—both, in your ad and on your landing page. Consistent CTAs like "Shop Now" or "Get Started" guide users seamlessly through the conversion funnel, enhancing their experience and boosting conversion rates.

Optimize for speed and mobile

Ensure your landing page is fast and mobile first optimized. Google reports that 53% of mobile site visits are abandoned if pages take longer than three seconds to load. Fast, mobile friendly pages keeps users engaged and can significantly reduce bounce rates. I love using Replo for this.

Personalized content

Tailor your landing page content to reflect the user’s journey from the ad. If your ad targets a specific demographic or interest group, ensure your landing page addresses their needs and preferences directly. According to a Hubspot study, personalization can boost conversion rates by up to 202% just for the CTA—you can only imagine the impact when the entire landing page is personalized!

For some folks, syncing your ad and landing page might sound obvious, but it’s something I see time and time again not being executed for a lot of the ads I click on, and it’s the first thing I always notice.

Example: Imagine you see an Ad on Meta for a blue t-shirt. You click the ad, and tada—you see a t-shirt that’s black, or even worse, it’s not even the same product. What do you think would happen in this case? A significant loss in conversion because I clicked the ad expecting to see something that I just saw on the ad, but it’s not the same.

Even if you think they’re synced, consider this as your friendly reminder to double-check because it’s a low hanging fruit.

Alright folks, that’s it for today.

Have a great one!


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