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The 5 things in DTC you need to know today

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  • Why You Should Stop Siloing Your Marketing

  • Crafting a Winning eCommerce Tech Stack in 5 Steps

  • Balancing Engagement and Margins

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#1 - Why You Should Stop Siloing Your Marketing

The Rundown: Brands often take a fragmented approach to marketing, dividing efforts by channel or platform. This compartmentalization can undermine success in today's seamless retail world.

The details:

  • Customers don't just use one channel anymore. They flow between Instagram, Amazon, search engines, and more during each purchase.

  • Obsessing over Google metrics, Facebook ROI, or other individual numbers won't cut it. You miss the forest for the trees that way.

  • Channels like SEO and email marketing actually boost each other. But you only see those synergies with a wide lens.

  • How people use Facebook versus Pinterest versus YouTube varies. Customize messaging accordingly.

  • Make sure anyone touching your marketing has the full picture. Confusion spreads fast across disconnected teams.

Why it matters: An integrated strategy aligns everything towards overarching goals. This optimization drives growth in our omnichannel age. Fragmentation, on the other hand, will make you bleed customers.

#2 - Say No to Pop-Ups & Yes to Smart Quizzes

Stop ANNOYING your customers with 10% Off Pop-Up offers when they first land on your site! You can do better!

Not only do these tactics frustrate your users, they drive low quality data because there is no genuine value exchange with your customers.

Instead, use Jebbit to create a high quality quiz or product finder to create a more meaningful experience AND collect more useful data from them!

Example: When you offer a new visitor 10% off in exchange for their email address, you are only collecting 1 piece of data for re-use! Boooo! If you are a beauty brand, you could create an interactive quiz which allows your customers to find their specific "lipstick shade" matched to their skin tone.

In addition to collecting your customers email address for the results, you can add 3-4 additional data points to their customer profile. More useful data means better targeting and personalization in the future.

A win for your customer and you — Plus, you didn’t have to provide a 10% discount for nothing!

Want to see some real examples? Check out our “Beauty Hub”. Not a Beauty brand? Schedule a demo today and we’ll share ideas how you can do better with Jebbit!

#3 - Crafting a Winning eCommerce Tech Stack in 5 Steps

The Rundown: Choosing the right combination of software, tools and technologies to power your online store is crucial for ecommerce success. This collection of solutions is called your "tech stack."


  1. Build on top of a flexible, enterprise-level ecommerce platform that will scale with your business. Shopify is presented as an ideal option.

  2. Opt for a modular architecture that allows you to easily swap components in and out as needed. But avoid too much isolation between elements.

  3. Evaluate each tech stack component based on cost, complexity, compatibility and support services offered.

  4. Structure your stack around key functions like content management, shipping, CRM, analytics and optimized checkout.

  5. Review and update your stack periodically to keep pace with ecommerce innovations and your evolving business requirements.

Actionable Takeaway: Carefully architect your ecommerce tech stack for stability, security and seamless functionality on both the front and back end. This will create a frictionless customer experience to drive sales.

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#4 - Things Worth Checking Out

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#5 - Balancing Engagement and Margins

The Rundown: Retailers must optimize coupon strategies to increase engagement without destroying profits.

The details:

  • Personalized offers can spur purchases from existing customers.

  • Customers have come to expect and demand good deals.

  • Offering discounts without restraint cuts into revenues.

  • Shoppers will abandon carts if they expect but can't find coupons.

  • New security technology allows targeted, single-use couponing.

Why it matters: As personalized promotions become ubiquitous, retailers need to implement secure, data-driven coupon programs to drive engagement without decimating their margins.

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