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The 5 things in DTC you need to know today

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  • How Recommendation Engines Are Reshaping the Online Shopping Landscape

  • eCommerce Launch 101: The 5 Vital Steps for First-Timers

  • The Radical Personalization of Retail

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#1 - How Recommendation Engines Are Reshaping the Online Shopping Landscape

The Rundown: Powerful AI recommendation engines are providing ultra-personalized suggestions to shoppers, changing how people browse and buy products online.

The details:

  • Recommendation algorithms study individual customer behavior data to serve up tailored product recommendations. This significantly increases conversions, order values, and revenue.

  • Features like "View Similar" streamline navigation by visually showing complementary items, keeping shoppers immersed longer on retail sites.

  • Predictive recommendations anticipate desired purchases before shoppers even search, building brand loyalty through relevant suggestions.

Why it matters: As recommendation engines leverage more customer data and advanced AI to boost personalization, they will alter consumer expectations for a customized shopping experience. Online retailers must adopt these technologies to engage digitally-savvy shoppers or risk losing business.

#2 - Supercharge your email conversions

Did you know emails work differently now? 🤔 You can take advantage of the changes by introducing shopping to the email inbox.

Yeah, you heard that right. Shopping directly in the inbox.

Why Zaymo Stands Out:

 Less friction = sales: Let consumers build their cart right in the email

 Less friction = more data: Triple your reviews collected via email

 Keep your Klaviyo account: Zaymo plugs into your existing software stack

Backed by Y Combinator, Zaymo is at the forefront of retention marketing innovation. Join the ranks of brands pushing the boundaries of emails.

#3 - eCommerce Launch 101: The 5 Vital Steps for First-Timers

The Rundown: eCommerce entrepreneurship offers unprecedented opportunities today, but successfully getting an online business off the ground requires strategic planning and execution across many areas.


  1. Thoroughly research and segment your target customers so you can create tailored offerings and messaging that aligns with their needs and preferences.

  2. Develop a prototype ecommerce site with basic functionality rather than waiting until every element is perfect - get market feedback ASAP.

  3. Build up your site's trust and credibility by showcasing positive customer reviews/testimonials and regularly publishing high-quality content.

  4. Structure compelling introductory offers on your site with clearly defined expiration dates to incentivize first-time buyers.

  5. Invest significantly in ease of use, visual appeal and seamless navigation - the site experience is pivotal for conversion rates.

Actionable Takeaway: Conduct in-depth planning around understanding users, efficient testing, trust-building, and conversion optimization tactics before launch. But don't get bogged down in seeking perfection - launch the MVP to start garnering real customer input. Use their feedback to systematically refine the business over time.

🗣 Want to Reach an Audience of 18,500 DTC Brands? Start Here…

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#5 - The Radical Personalization of Retail

The Rundown: Customer experience is reshaping retail as consumers expect tailored interactions across channels. Brands must adapt or lose relevancy.

The details:

  • Hyper-personalization is now table stakes - 91% of shoppers are more likely to purchase when recognized and offered relevant recommendations.

  • Employees empowered with customer data assist 147% better. They anticipate needs, solve problems, and build loyalty.

  • Value-driven transparency and honesty inspire 64% more devotion. Shoppers buy shared beliefs over products.

Why it matters: Thriving in the age of the customer requires stringing thousands of personalized, on-brand moments into lifeline relationships. Mere transactions no longer suffice. Radical CX is the price of survival.

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