Friday Q&As with Ibrahim

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Hi, all you amazing folks!

If you ever have any questions regarding DTC, you could use this form to ask any burning questions you may have from Monday-Thursday, and every Friday,

I’ll try my best to cover most of the questions. I’ve tried answering some of the FAQs and some interesting questions in today’s issue.

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Now, let’s get in to it..


Question from Albert (Founder): Why share all this info with out recommending someone to implement it?

Answer: I usually try recommending things that could be implemented by the readers itself or the in-house team. But I understand, for any reason, you’d rather want to seek the help of an external freelancer/agency to execute some of these things.

In such cases, I recommend using the google form, because at the end of the day, every brand would have their own requirements, and the recommendations would typically depend on what your requirements would be. But nonetheless, I’ll be happy to make recommendations if you need help with executing something.

Question from Raj (Website Owner): - Here is my site. If you have a quick look around it, what would you do to improve it from a UX, UI, CRO perspective?


  • The most important thing is, when I land on your home page, where do you want me to look? Because the way it currently is, I have no idea where to focus on. If you consider this scenario in a physical retail store, it’s equivalent to the shop owner shoving ~10 products on my face, when I’ve barely even entered the store. I’d be out of that store in no time, and so would most customers

  • I noticed you currently use WordPress. For any eCommerce business in this planet, I’d 100% recommend using Shopify, for how it can simplify everything for you and keep things organised. I’ve used WP as well previously, and it used to be such a mess

  • Make it clutter free, and the layout should lead a customer towards a specific direction. In the current scenario, it’s extremely overwhelming

  • Here’s one of my favourite landing pages to take some inspiration from if you plan on creating one to drive paid ads on to

  • Here’s one of my favourite websites you can take inspiration from for rebuilding a website

  • As a customer scrolls through your web home page, it should answer all the potential questions they might have in their head about your business

  • This applies to your product page as well, but in this case, when a customer scrolls through, it should try to actively answer all the questions they might have in their head about that specific product. I understand you can’t predict every question a customer might have, but you take the feedback from the customer support and try to keep building this in to the page

  • I checked out one of your random products, and it had no reviews. Definitely recommend adding at least a few reviews to begin with

  • If you’re looking to build a brand, one of the first things you need is a brand guide, which helps you with keeping your colors, fonts, and brand tone consistent throughout the customer journey, at all the possible touch points. For me, it felt like there were disconnects on most sections of your website. If you don’t have one, definitely recommend building one!

  • Consider your brand as the surface of a tennis ball:

    • When the customers see an ad of yours and is enticed to click through the link, that covers a tiny surface of the tennis ball.

    • When they land on your website and have a wonderful experience, that covers a tiny surface of the tennis ball.

    • When they speak to your customer support and their tone matches the tone seen on the website, that covers a tiny surface of the tennis ball.

    • This way, most of the things you do, especially at every customer touch point, would cover a tiny surface of the tennis ball, and when all of these these things are done right, that’s what completes the surface of the tennis ball. That’s when a brand is built.

  • I’d definitely suggest you to consider hiring someone to redesign your web design on Figma, so you have a wireframe (layout) for every element and section, in a very structural manner. And if you’d like to hire a designer on a monthly basis with affordable pricing, definitely recommend

  • I might eventually start doing live webinars where I’d tear down different LPs and share my inputs. Stay tuned for that!

Question from Michael (Founder): Is Microsoft Clarity easy to install and set up?

Answer: If you’re not a tech savvy person, realistically, it might take you about a couple of hours to set it up at tops. Here’s a guide on how to set it up. Overall, it’s a simple and a straightforward process to set it up. Nothing too complex.

Question from Raheb (Small coffee brand owner): I never seem to get out of the learning phase inside the Meta Ad account. What can I do?

Answer: This is a question a few others asked as well, and after having consulted over 45 Founders personally, it’s one of the questions I get so often. So here’s what I’m going to do: in the next Wednesday’s deep dive, I’m going to dig deeper into all things email marketing as promised yesterday, but the week after that, I’ll dig deeper into this question and all things Meta Ads. Mark your calendars! 😎

Question from Patrick (New copywriter): How do I find brands that I can work with? I have tried reaching out to a lot of brands but no success at all…


  • If I had to answer your question with 2 words — content marketing

  • Write a piece of copy and a short break down on it, and post it on socials, especially Twitter and LinkedIn every single day. If you could additionally start posting video content, including channels like TikTok/IG, brownie points

  • If you start doing just that one thing and the copy/breakdowns/content you post is fairly good, you’d inevitably attract leads

  • One more thing you can do is, instead of writing copy hypothetically or for imaginary brands, write copy for the 5 brands you’re interested in working with for free. Post that as a piece of content, tag the brand and the associated Founders/Marketers. This is what we call permission-less leverage.

  • What’s the whole point of doing all this? I think Sahil would answer this question better:

Hope that was useful. I’ll see you folks next Monday. If you have questions for me then ask away here.

Have a great weekend ahead!