Friday Q&As

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Happy Friday!

I’ve been overwhelmed by the response I received on the deep dive—launching a brand from the scratch. Thank you to everyone that took the time to read and respond.

Today, like every Friday, I’ll answer a few questions I received this week.

Alright, let’s get into it..


Question from Eli (CMO): I have seen a few brands do really well in the direct mail space especially when we live in this cluttered email space. Have you tried it? If so is there any company you know that can help with this?

Response: I have personally tried it for Peelaways, and it worked pretty good for us, although I know a few brands that absolutely crushed it!

I’ll first mention some benefits of doing direct mail in this day and age:

  • Direct mail offers a physical touchpoint that digital marketing lacks. This tangible aspect can create a more memorable and impactful experience for consumers, which can lead to higher engagement rates

  • With the saturation of digital channels, consumers are often bombarded with online ads. Direct mail can stand out in a less crowded space, making it easier to capture attention. I personally like emails a lot and it’s nowhere near dead, but a combination of emails + direct mails can do wonders

  • Tailored messages, offers, and even personalized imagery can significantly enhance the customer’s experience and response rates

  • Direct mail can be effectively integrated with online marketing campaigns. For instance, QR codes, personalized URLs (PURLs), and augmented reality (AR) elements can bridge the gap between physical mail and online engagement, creating a seamless omni-channel experience

  • Direct mail often has a longer shelf life than digital ads, which can be quickly dismissed or forgotten. A well-designed piece of direct mail can stay in a consumer's home or office for days, weeks, or even months—providing repeated exposure to the brand. I love this about direct mail!

  • With modern tracking techniques such as unique offer codes, QR codes, and personalized URLs, the effectiveness of direct mail campaigns now can be measured, which lets you understand if your dollars are well spent!

But wait, I don’t recommend brands to directly mail all of their subscribers or customers, unless you’re VC funded, and have a big marketing budget.

So whom do you send it to?

  • VIP customers (people that have already spent a fair amount of dollars on your brand). For Peel Away, I consider any customer having purchased over 5 times from us as a VIP customer

  • Subscription customers (this can help you reduce churn)

  • Win-back customers (customers who have spent a fair amount of money, say $150, but haven’t purchased from you in a while)

These are the first 3 segments of customers I’d sent it to, and if I had some more budget for additional segments, I’d do:

  • Customers that abandoned at checkout

  • Customers that abandoned the cart

Apart from this, if you have a cohort of customers, you can send campaigns to such customers during holidays. For instance, if you have a quiz on your website that helps you know who your customers, and if you had a segment of Moms, you could’ve sent direct-mail post cards to all the Moms during Mother’s Day.

The tool I recommend for this would be 100% Post-Pilot (non-sponsored). If you’d like me to write a full deep-dive on Post-Pilot, discussing about how to set up the flows and campaigns in there exactly, let me know. I need to ask Post-Pilot to sponsor us :)

Question from Mark (Founder): Should I focus on copywriting a lot while just launching the brand? I am a solo founder and do not have a team yet.

Response: I understand that you have A LOT of things to work on while getting started, and if you’re a solo Founder, definitely take the help of AI to write copies for you. You can later hire someone to write copies for you if that isn’t your strength, especially when you start to run ads.

Question from Lisa (Content Head): how do you keep all your projects and work organized and streamlined?

Response: I use Notion for this. Simple. Free. Brilliant. One of the best things you can use for personal/work. Check it out!

Question from Steven (Founder): I don’t seem to understand what this Meta’s learning phase is about and not sure why it says limited learning sometimes. Can you help?

Response: Sure, I did a 7-page deep dive on this. You can read it here and let me know if you have questions.

Alright, that’s it for today, folks. If you have any questions, feel free to ask here.

Have a great weekend!

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