Friday Q&As

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Before I get into the questions for this week, here’s an exciting announcement from our Paid Ads specialist, Sai.


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All right, lets get into this week’s questions.


Hi, there!

It’s Friday, so let’s answer some Q&As..

Question from Hilary (Co-Founder): Love this newsletter!

This post today was timely as my husband and I are starting up a soccer goalie glove company and discussing what we might need to outsource versus continue to boot strap and do everything ourselves. Where have you found success sourcing these types of folks LinkedIn/up Work? My background is fortune 100 cos so wondering how you find quality people who are interested in working for a startup. Thx!

My Response: Thank you. Appreciate you reading the newsletter!

Before you set out to hire folks, I do recommend having a few things written down, such as:

  • Skills and experience: Outline the skills, experience, and qualities required for each role

  • Cultural fit: Define your company’s culture, values, and mission. Right from the start, you want to be hiring folks that would appreciate your culture and values, and would be excited to be working on your mission

  • Compensation: When you create a job description (JD), highly recommend mentioning the compensation. If you’re not transparent about it, it’s a huge turn off for the candidates

Alright, at this point, let’s assume you have all of these things penned down, meaning—now you know what role to hire for, what criteria they need to meet in terms of skills, experience & cultural fit, and have your JD ready—it’s time to hire!

Alright, so where the hell do you find these candidates?

Short answer:

  • LinkedIn

  • Twitter

  • Referrals

  • In-bound enquiries

  • Events & meet-ups

  • Job listings

But I get it, this can be exhausting and time consuming to find the right fit, but you do have to spend some time talking to a few candidates at the very least.

  • The best and the fastest way I believe hiring a candidate is through referrals. Hit up your networks, friends & family, and you’d be surprised with how fast you can find someone!

  • Post on your socials, and incentivise your followers if they were to successfully refer a right fit that would then go on to be hired

  • I’ve found LinkedIn job postings to be okay, but LinkedIn ads for job postings can really boost this process, and you can set up a few qualifying questions to ensure when someone reaches out to you, you know they’ve read the JD completely and it’s not just another copy & paste email from a candidate

    • This way, you can filter out the candidates pretty quickly, but you’d still need to allocate some time interviewing these candidates

  • If you’re not on Twitter already, highly recommend! Pretty much all the smart folks I’ve hired have either come through a referral or via Twitter. There’s a big DTC Twitter community out there—leverage it!

  • Slack DTC communities can also be a good resource to find potential candidates. I haven’t personally tried hiring anyone from these communities yet, but been considering it

  • If I needed to work with a Freelancer for a quick fix, I used to usually run to Fiverr, but now I have a roster of people that I work with. Twitter is a great place to find Freelancers too!

Well, that’s pretty much all the ways I’d try looking for new candidates. Hope that helps.

Question from Abass via email: Yeah! Thank you for your response.

The thing is; I found it much more difficult to get clients based on my Copywriting service.

What's the way forward here sir?

My Response:

  • If I had to answer your question with 2 words — content marketing

  • Write a piece of copy and a short break down on it, and post it on socials, especially Twitter and LinkedIn every single day

  • If you could additionally start posting video content, including channels like TikTok & Instagram—brownie points!

  • If you start doing just that one thing, and the breakdowns/content you post is fairly good, you’d inevitably attract leads

  • One more thing you can do is, instead of writing copy for imaginary or random brands, write copy for the 5 brands you’re interested in working with for free. Post that as a piece of content, tag the brand and the associated Founders/Marketers. This is what we call permission-less leverage!

  • What’s the whole point of doing all this? I think Sahil would answer this question better:

Question from Ross (Founder): Everyone tells me to optimize for mobile shopping experience, but what should I start with for this?

My Response: They’re certainly not wrong because over 65% of the traffic comes via mobile, and that number is pretty much over 90% for ad traffic. Start with the fundamentals, and you’ll be ahead of most of the brands.

  • Responsive design: Make sure your website is mobile-friendly. A responsive design adapts seamlessly to different screen sizes, offering a smooth and enjoyable browsing experience for all users

  • Simplified checkout: Streamline the checkout process to minimize steps. Offer convenient mobile payment options like Apple Pay or Google Pay to speed up transactions and reduce cart abandonment

  • Fast load times: Optimize your images and refine your code to ensure your website loads quickly. Slow websites drive customers away, so speed is crucial to keep them engaged

  • Intuitive Navigation: Create an easy-to-navigate site with a straightforward menu and a powerful search function. This helps customers find what they need quickly and improves their overall shopping experience

  • Place test orders: Highly recommend this! This is where you put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer, and allows you to iterate things for a better customer experience overall

Alright folks, that’s it for today!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask here.

Have a great weekend ahead!


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