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Hi, everyone!

Hope you’ve had a great week so far, and while we’re heading towards the weekend, today, I’ll be replying to a few questions/emails I’ve received.

Alright, let’s get into it..

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Now, let’s get in to it..


Question from Raj (online sales): Your recent emails about conversions and emails have been great. However, one thing i am yet to see is an article being written that tells us why e.g. above the fold is important, but they don't show practical step by step tip on how to physically achieve this on our websites. If you could add that part to your emails, i think you'd be on to a winner. Hope that makes sense.

Response: Thank you! Regarding practicality, I do try to make my newsletter issues as practical as possible by providing guides, inspirations, mind maps, examples, etc., but I’ll try harder to make them even more practical. Appreciate the feedback 🙂

Question from Robert (Founder/CEO): I am currently struggling with CRO and would sincerely appreciate speaking with someone who has experience in building winning DTC brands, such as yourself. Seems like I might be overlooking something on the marketing side. Do you have any suggestions for my brand? Do you offer consulting for startups like myself?

Response: Robert, I totally understand, and CRO can be challenging at many levels, but also is one of the biggest levers you can work on to double your business.

Imagine this: You’re driving 100K monthly traffic to your landing page with a conversion rate (CVR) of 2%, and generating a revenue of $50k. If you fine tune your landing page and get the CVR upto 4%, the revenue generated would be $100K instead (roughly), and just that one piece you’ve worked on would basically double your revenue. These are the things you should definitely be focusing on, and the fact that you’re concerned about it and working on it, tells me you’re on the right track.

Also, a couple of weeks back, I did a deep dive on the essential ingredients a landing page should have, for which I had spent a lot of time writing. You can read it here.

Regarding consultation, yes, I do consult startups. To discuss more about this, you could email me at [email protected]

Last but not least, we’re currently partnered with Delesign team, only because they’re really good at what they do. So at the end of it, if you need someone to help you execute, I can get someone from their team to reach out to you.

Question from Maria:

Hello there,

Thank you so much for your daily inspiration.

I’d be curious to understand how do you use Google analytics to understand customer behavior and page interaction.


Maria Grazia

Response: Well, thank YOU for reading the newsletter. I appreciate that! I’m going to dedicate one of the deep dives just for attribution softwares—Google Analytics, Triple Whale, Tydo, etc., and help you track & measure effectively. Stay tuned!

Question from George (CMO): What does your tech stack look like?

Response: I shared my Shopify tech stack in Tuesday newsletter that you can read here. I’ll share all the third-party tools I use next week (Tuesday).

Question from Sienna (Founder): Is SARAL worth paying $499/month?

Response: SARAL is something that I personally use, and I’m only given limited funds to spend on our tech stack, so I need to make use of the budget in the most efficient manner. And I don’t mind spending that fee on SARAL because it’s a marketing machine. You invest these dollars into it, and if you actually put some work into it, it’ll give you returns multi-fold, all without having to hit your head around the excel/sheets.

I do understand that if you’re a bootstrapped startup with a tight budget, it could be challenging to pay this fee. If this is the case, may be you could book a demo with them, test the product (they offer free trial I believe), use it for yourself and see if it’s worth it. And if you’d like to continue with them and budget is an issue, may be try talking to the Founder (Yash), and he might be able to help with some discounts.

I also did a deep dive on SARAL a couple of days back. You can read it here.

Question from Brian (Founder, CEO): The first thing I do after waking up in the morning is read your newsletter in my lawn and it is amazing how much I have learnt from you in these past few weeks. Do you currently offer any course for people in the DTC for any of the topics that you have been talking about?

Response: Thank you so much, and that means a lot! ****I’ve received a few emails/form submits where people have been asking me about the courses. Unfortunately, I don’t have any courses built at the moment, but it’s something we have on our roadmap, and we should be working on it hopefully in the next quarter.

If you have feedbacks/questions on what topics you’d be interested in learning from via a course, you can share them here.

Alright folks, that’s all the questions I could answer for today.

See you on Monday.

Happy weekend!