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The 5 things in DTC you need to know today

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#1 - Kickstart Your Day with AI Insights from Prompts Daily

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#3 - Tapping into the TikTok eCommerce Revolution in 2024

The Rundown: TikTok continues to explode in popularity, and in my opinion, brands that aren't leveraging its highly engaged user base to drive product discovery and sales are missing out big time. TikTok has rolled out powerful ecommerce features like TikTok Shop to enable brands to sell directly on the platform.

Connecting to Customers: TikTok offers D2C brands an unparalleled opportunity to connect with Gen Z and Millennial audiences through authentic, entertaining content. Users come to TikTok to discover new products recommended by their favorite creators. Brands that lead with creativity over overt selling are winning, and I think that's the key to success on this platform.

Opportunities for D2C Brands:

  • Develop a distinct brand personality on TikTok through fun challenges, trends and memes

  • Partner with relevant micro-influencers for genuine product endorsements (this is a must in my book)

  • Set up a TikTok Shop to enable frictionless in-app purchases

  • Experiment with live shopping events featuring limited edition product drops (these could be a game changer)

  • Use TikTok ads to retarget engaged viewers and drive them to your D2C site

Measuring Impact:

  • Track view-through and click-through rates on TikTok shopping ads to optimize creative

  • Monitor sales lift and new customer acquisition attributed to TikTok campaigns

  • Create a "TikTok" segment in your CRM to measure lifetime value of customers acquired through the platform (this is crucial for understanding ROI in my opinion)

The Future: As social commerce continues to gain steam, I believe TikTok will become an increasingly important sales channel for D2C brands, potentially rivaling traditional paid social platforms. Expect more advanced ecommerce features and integrations with Shopify and other D2C platforms.

Our Take: D2C brands that get in early to build an authentic presence on TikTok will have a major advantage. But resist the urge to repurpose creative from other channels. Embrace the unique vibe of TikTok and don't be afraid to get playful with your content to maximize virality and connection with the TikTok community. In my opinion, those who adapt will unlock a powerful new growth engine.

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#5 - Excelling in D2C eCommerce and Getting Results

The Rundown: Miguel Almeida, president of customer experience at Nordstrom, recently shared valuable (and in our opinion, brilliant) insights into the company's inspired digital commerce vision and strategy. D2C brands would be wise to learn from Nordstrom's focus on creating immersive discovery experiences that go beyond mere transactional excellence.

Connecting to Customers: D2C brands should recognize that customers crave both seamless purchasing and engaging product discovery online. Aim to recreate the excitement of in-store browsing through interactive digital touchpoints. Leverage AR to provide accurate product visualization and boost shopper confidence - this is a game-changer.

Opportunities for D2C Brands:

  • Develop a "Spotify-like" personalized discovery experience on your D2C site (genius!)

  • Use AI styling tools to guide customers to products that fit their unique tastes

  • Ensure online and offline inventory is synced to enable flexible fulfillment

  • Gather data through a mobile app to tailor product recommendations and perks

  • Balance digital innovation with human touchpoints that enhance the brand connection (so crucial)

Measuring D2C Impact:

  • Monitor changes in average order value and purchase frequency after launching discovery tools (key metrics to watch)

  • Assess impact of improved product visualization on return rates

  • Track engagement and conversion rates on AI-powered styling and recommendation features (we bet you'll like what you see)

The Future: Winning D2C brands will harness AI to personalize the customer experience at scale while preserving authentic human touches that resonate emotionally. Investing in immersive discovery while maintaining your unique brand voice is the secret sauce, if you ask us.

Our Take: D2C brands have a special opportunity to fuse cutting-edge technology with direct customer relationships. Don't automate away the human element that makes your brand special (that would be a travesty). Instead, use AI to amplify your unique brand story and products, not just to drive transactions. Strike a thoughtful balance to create e-commerce magic - and watch your brand soar to new heights.

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