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The 5 things in DTC you need to know today

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  • Lessons from Ridge: Scaling Beyond the Hero Product in DTC

  • Dropshipping Your Way to D2C Success in 2024

  • Sensory Marketing: Boost Your D2C Brand Experience

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#1 - Lessons from Ridge: Scaling Beyond the Hero Product in DTC

The Scoop: DTC accessory brand Ridge is nearing a $1B valuation, thanks to expanding beyond its signature wallets into phone cases, wedding bands, and more, while embracing omnichannel distribution.

Understanding the Customer: With most people only buying a new wallet every 7 years, Ridge is introducing products that complement its minimalist, durable style to drive more frequent purchases and boost lifetime value.

Takeaways for Brands:

  • Strategically expand into complementary accessories to encourage repeat buying

  • Partner with influencers or designers on limited edition drops to create hype

  • Offer bundles or subscriptions on consumables to increase average order value

  • Team up with like-minded DTC brands on curated product sets

  • Launch a recycling or trade-in program to push upgrades

Tracking Success:

  • Monitor attachment rates and LTV by product to gauge diversification impact

  • Watch CAC and new vs. repeat purchase mix when entering a new category

Looking Ahead: Expect more mature DTCs to outgrow their flagship product and conquer new corners of customers' lives, while staying true to their core brand identity.

Our POV: Ridge proves you can systematically broaden your footprint through products that live up to your brand promise and solve more customer needs, balancing focus and exploration.

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#2 - Instantly Stand Out And Leave A Memorable Impression

Metal business cards are a powerful marketing tool for DTC companies and brands to instantly stand out in a crowded market, breeding word-of-mouth and referrals, and opening doors to new partnerships.’s metal cards and custom metal tags are being used to:

  • Instantly stand out in trade shows and when meeting potential distribution partners

  • Create jaw-dropping certificates of authenticity for unique products

  • Recognize VIP membership and high-profile clientele status

  • Add custom signature on luxury items or works of art

  • Commemorate special occasions or limited drops

These unique cards make a bold statement: a commitment to quality, innovation and attention to detail.

We guarantee your cards will make you stand out or we will give you your money back.

#3 - Dropshipping Your Way to D2C Success in 2024

The Scoop: Dropshipping remains a smart, low-risk way for D2C brands to expand their offerings without managing inventory or shipping directly. Find the right products, partner with reliable suppliers, and connect with your target audience.

Know Your Customer: Dropshipping lets you test new product ideas that solve customers' problems or tap into their interests. Research underserved niches and study competitors to find ways to differentiate.

Make Your Move:

  • Test new product categories without major upfront costs

  • Partner with trusted dropshipping suppliers for quality and speed

  • Engage customers with compelling product pages, reviews, and guides

  • Drive repeat business with targeted email and social media marketing

  • Optimize your D2C site for smooth buying and customer confidence

Keep Score:

  • Track top-selling products and categories to optimize profits

  • Monitor abandoned carts and refine email campaigns to recapture sales

  • Get customer feedback on what's working and areas to improve

Crystal Ball: As ecommerce competition grows, exceptional end-to-end customer experience will be vital for D2C dropshipping success. More brands will bring fulfillment in-house for quality control or start holding their own inventory as they scale.

Pro Tip: Resist the urge to cast too wide a net with your dropshipping store. Own a specific niche and audience first, then expand strategically. Building a loyal following beats trying to please everyone.

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#5 - Sensory Marketing: Boost Your D2C Brand Experience

The Essence: Sensory marketing engages customers' senses - sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch - to create memorable brand experiences. Innovative D2C brands use multi-sensory strategies to differentiate themselves and build stronger emotional connections with customers.

Customer Connection: Sensory marketing enables D2C brands to create immersive experiences that resonate with customers on an instinctive level. By engaging multiple senses, brands can evoke emotions, memories, and encourage interaction - enhancing brand recognition and loyalty. Sensory-rich unboxing, product design, and content can alleviate customer pain points around bland online experiences.

D2C Brand Opportunities:

  • Create signature scents for packaging or inserts

  • Use textures or shapes for tactile product design appeal

  • Include sensory "surprises" to delight customers when unboxing

  • Develop audio branding with jingles or playlists

  • Showcase sensory details in product visuals and descriptions

Measuring Success:

  • Track unboxing video metrics and customer feedback

  • Gauge customer response to sensory branding via surveys

  • Monitor repeat purchases, customer lifetime value, and brand loyalty

What's Next: As online shopping grows, consumers will crave multi-sensory experiences. D2C brands that innovatively engage senses will stand out. Advanced tech could further revolutionize sensory marketing.

Our Perspective: Sensory marketing can help growing D2C brands make a big impact. Focus on authentic, brand-aligned sensory touchpoints. A few well-crafted multi-sensory elements can leave lasting customer impressions.

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