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The 5 things in DTC you need to know today

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  • Launching a Viral Hero Product: Lessons from Top DTC Brand Founders

  • Unlocking Global Growth: The Power of International Warehouses for DTC Brands

  • How D2C Brands Can Embrace Wholesale for Explosive Growth

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#1 - Launching a Viral Hero Product: Lessons from Top DTC Brand Founders

The Rundown: At a recent beauty event, the founders of Lawless Beauty, Mara Beauty and Megababe revealed the stories and strategies behind their bestselling hero products that went viral and now drive their brands' growth.

Understanding Your Customer: Creating products that go viral starts with identifying and solving real, unmet customer needs. Megababe's anti-chafe stick addressed an underserved pain point for women. Mara Beauty's cleansing oil took off after being promoted by the right influencer.

Strategies for DTC Brands:

  • Zero in on customer problems and create truly effective, innovative solutions

  • Harness the power of influencer marketing to reach your target audience

  • Extend the success of hero products with complementary line extensions and formats

  • Lower the barrier to entry with mini sizes and sampling programs to attract new customers

  • Keep hero products top of mind with consistent promotion and messaging

Tracking Success:

  • Monitor key metrics like sales velocity, sell-through rates, and marketing ROI for hero SKUs

  • Keep a pulse on organic influencer buzz, user-generated content, and social engagement

Looking Ahead: The most successful DTC brands will be anchored by outstanding, problem-solving hero products that spread like wildfire, fueled by smart franchise-building. Maintaining momentum will require consistent storytelling and customer education.

Words of Wisdom: While achieving viral success is exciting, don't lose sight of crucial basics like top-notch product development, authentic community building, and an unwavering commitment to serving unmet customer needs. Often, a "viral" product is simply one that makes people's lives better in a meaningful way.

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#3 - Unlocking Global Growth: The Power of International Warehouses for DTC Brands

The Gist: International warehouses, located in foreign countries, are the secret weapon for DTC brands going global in 2024. By storing and distributing products closer to international customers, they reduce shipping costs and delivery times. With the global warehousing market set to reach $634 billion by 2028, it's time to get involved.

Making International Shoppers Smile: Want to win over customers worldwide? International warehouses provide a top-notch experience by fulfilling orders locally, ensuring faster, cheaper shipping and building trust with your global audience.

Game-Changing Moves for DTC Brands:

  • Partner with international 3PLs to launch your global shipping strategy

  • Reduce costs using foreign trade zones and bonded warehouses

  • Localize packaging, inserts, and returns in each country

  • Diversify warehouse locations for a resilient global fulfillment network

  • Integrate warehouse management systems with your ecommerce platform

Keeping Score:

  • Monitor international conversion rates, average order value, and customer lifetime value

  • Track shipping costs and speeds compared to domestic fulfillment

  • Survey global customers about their delivery experience

Crystal Ball Says: The future belongs to DTC brands that prioritize international sales, powered by smart global warehousing. Expect more competition, but opportunities abound for agile brands that deliver localized customer experiences.

Our Two Cents: Going global isn't one-size-fits-all. Invest time in finding the right international warehouse partners and align them with your brand's mission and voice. Small details, like custom packaging and support, turn international shoppers into loyal brand advocates.

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#5 - How D2C Brands Can Embrace Wholesale for Explosive Growth

The Rundown: In the competitive world of active outdoor brands, striking the right balance between D2C and wholesale is crucial for success. While D2C offers valuable insights, wholesale is making a comeback as a powerful tool for boosting sales and brand exposure.

Connecting to Customers: Partnering with wholesale allows D2C brands to tap into the in-store experience that most consumers still crave. Engaging with customers face-to-face helps build strong emotional connections and cultivate brand loyalty.

Opportunities for Brands:

  • Simplify the transition into wholesale using retail sales enablement platforms like ENDVR

  • Use analytics to determine effective strategies for deploying digital education, sales incentives, and retail operations

  • Engage with frontline staff to assess the impact of sales contests and digital education on sales and sell-through

  • Enhance in-store displays to minimize revenue loss and see the benefits of investing in retail

Measuring Impact:

  • Use retail sales enablement platforms to track the ROI of wholesale initiatives, which can deliver up to 30 times the return on ad spend

  • Assess the influence of sales incentives and training on frontline staff's confidence and performance

The Future: As more D2C brands venture into wholesale, retail sales enablement platforms will play a crucial role in helping brands navigate challenges, refine strategies, and achieve remarkable growth.

Our Take: D2C brands should embrace the potential of wholesale partnerships in their growth strategies. By leveraging sales enablement tools and empowering frontline staff, brands can create a seamless omnichannel experience that drives sales and fosters long-term success.

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