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The 5 things in DTC you need to know today

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  • eCommerce Giants Diversify with Marketplace Ecosystems

  • An SEO Game Plan for Online Stores

  • Winning Amazon's Buy Box in 2024: Critical Marketing Strategies for eCommerce Domination

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#1 - eCommerce Giants Diversify with Marketplace Ecosystems

The Rundown: Major online retailers like Amazon and Walmart are rapidly growing their merchant services and advertising to complement direct sales.

The details:

  • Walmart's US marketplace revenue expanded 45% with over 35% of orders fulfilled by Walmart. Its ads business grew 28%.

  • Amazon's third-party seller services rose 20% and advertising increased 27% year-over-year. It aims to improve fulfillment capabilities.

  • Shopify's merchant solutions grew 21%, powering storefronts, payments and advertising for enterprises.

Why it matters: These ecommerce giants are diversifying revenue by monetizing valuable marketplace, advertising and services ecosystems. As they reinforce scale and data advantages, they may transform retail and banking.

#2 - Gozney Increased Sales 27% by Introducing Shopping in the Inbox

You heard that right… shopping in the inbox itself. Mic drop. Check out how it works with Zaymo:

Backed by YCombinator, Zaymo is at the forefront of retention marketing innovation. Join Gozney and dozens of other brands pushing the boundaries of emails.

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#3 - An SEO Game Plan for Online Stores

The Rundown: eCommerce SEO is critical for online stores to get their products found and drive traffic and sales. This guide provides actionable tips for optimizing an ecommerce site for higher rankings and visibility.


  1. Conduct keyword research to identify high-volume and long-tail keywords that are relevant for your products. Tools like Ahrefs and Semrush can help.

  2. Optimize site architecture with a clear information hierarchy and internal linking structure. Make sure pages are easy to crawl and index.

  3. Craft optimized page titles, meta descriptions, headers, image alt text with target keywords. Focus on intent and natural use.

  4. Generate backlinks through guest posting, earned media, influencer partnerships. Quality over quantity.

  5. Create unique, engaging product descriptions optimized with keywords shoppers use.

Actionable Takeaway: eCommerce SEO takes continual effort as trends and algorithms shift. But by following structured best practices in optimizing content and site architecture, online stores can steadily improve organic visibility and traffic to drive more sales. Monitoring rankings and traffic provides insight into what's working.

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#5 - Winning Amazon's Buy Box in 2024: Critical Marketing Strategies for eCommerce Domination

The Rundown: With over 15 billion visits in 2023, Amazon remains the dominant player in ecommerce. Sellers have a massive opportunity to reach purchase-ready shoppers if they can differentiate themselves on the platform.

The details:

  • Amazon's algorithm favors relevancy and enabling purchases. Sellers must optimize listings for competitive pricing, differentiation and conversion.

  • Keyword targeting and optimization is critical as Amazon incorporates more AI and machine learning. Research terms thoroughly and integrate them effectively into copy.

  • Amazon Advertising continues to grow, offering new ad formats and granular campaign insights. Analyze performance and explore emerging creative ads.

  • Driving external traffic via social media and influencers increases discoverability. Can also utilize Amazon's Brand Referral Bonus.

  • Combining coupons and ads taps into psychological triggers, boosting visibility, clicks and conversions.

  • Informative, high-quality video content helps differentiate listings and builds trust and authenticity.

Why it matters: Capturing share in Amazon's marketplace requires in-depth platform expertise and creativity to stand out. Sellers who focus on relevance, optimization and emerging capabilities can significantly expand reach and sales.

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