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🛍 DTC Daily - Wednesday, Feb 15

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ğŸŽ¾ 1 - Three game-changing e-commerce trends

📰 TL;DR - This is a quick list of three e-commerce trends the author says will transform how people shop. The first, customization, is something I've read before, but the other two are more intriguing. One is gamification — borrowing from gaming tactics to drive growth through rewards and competition. The other is mimicking sensory experiences but in a digital format.

💡 Insight - The sensory experience piece is a little avant-garde, but the gamification trend is one you can start implementing today. There are a ton of apps and brands out there to build loyalty programs with tons of customization options for exactly what customers can earn and how. Building something a little spicier than points per order can build loyalty and play into this trend.

🙈 2 - Say bye-bye to Instagram live shopping

📰 TL;DR - Meta has announced its killing livestream shopping capabilities on Instagram. Starting March 16, you won't be able to tag products during livestreams. This follows a similar move on Facebook. It once again shows how livestream shopping has struggled to catch on outside Asian markets.

💡 Insight - This is a bummer. Even though livestream shopping hasn't been the e-commerce savior some thought it would be, it's disappointing to have the option removed. What will be interesting to see is if TikTok ever follows suit and rolls back its own recent suite of live shopping upgrades.

🔪 3 - Amazon is taking a HUGE cut from merchants

📰 TL;DR - According to this report, Amazon is, on average, taking more than a 50% cut from small merchants selling on its platform. That was calculated based on merchants who are paying a commission fee, warehouse storage, packing and delivery, and ad spend. This comes after six straight years of fee hikes from Amazon. Ouch!

💡 Insight - Selling on a platform like Amazon has huge advantages, but this really highlights the high costs of that exposure. Given that the calculations were based on merchants paying for all the bells and whistles, there's a case to be made for selling on the platform but performing your own logistics. Either way, there's a reason people say it costs money to make money.

👩🏻‍💻 4 - 1- principles to increase conversion rates

📰 TL;DR - This is a very good and practical Twitter thread for Samantha Leal, a growth adviser who writes her own newsletter for startups. She goes over 19 principles that will help you increase conversions, and they definitely apply for e-commerce sellers. For example: "The best way to compete isn't on price, but on value. Don't get into a price war with your competitors. Instead, focus on improving your offer."

💡 Insight - As Samantha points out, you could pay a hefty fee to take a course that tells you these exact same insights. Twitter can be meh for e-comm marketing, but I highly recommend curating a list of start-up and e-comm experts to follow. You'll get great advice like this — and it's free!

🏬 5 - This is what customers hate about the retail experience

📰 TL;DR - A survey found that although shoppers are returning to retail stores, they're not necessarily happy with the experience. Specifically, they're complaining about a lack of staff and staff with poor training. However, what they do like is the ability to touch and feel products and that instant gratification of seeing an item and getting to take it home right away.

💡 Insight - If shoppers aren't happy with in-person customer care, that's a signal to you that this is an area where you can shine. By creating excellent customer experiences, you're reminding shoppers why e-commerce can be so much nicer than going to a store. As well, having thorough product descriptions and photos alongside video or even AR experiences can recreate the touch-and-feel advantage of retail.

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