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  • 🛍 DTC Daily - Tuesday, Feb 14

🛍 DTC Daily - Tuesday, Feb 14

Today's DTC news, tips, & tools you need to know

💄 1 - How Rihanna and Fenty won the Super Bowl

📰 TL;DR - Apparently there was some sort of sporting event during the year's biggest advertising extravaganza on Sunday. And while there's been much written about those who paid for ad spots at the Super Bowl, let's talk about the genius of Rihanna. As is tradition, Rihanna wasn't paid for her halftime performance, but she's still making bank from it after placing her own Fenty products in the show. Searches for Fenty immediately shot up around the world.

💡 Insight - Wouldn't it be nice if we were all given free rein to show off our products at the Super Bowl? Alas, for us common folk, the lesson is more about taking advantage of every opportunity. If you are ever given a chance to showcase your personal brand alongside your products, don't waste it. 

🏈 2 - Everyone wants to know: WTF is Temu?

📰 TL;DR - Another Super Bowl marketer making noise is Temu. It's an e-commerce app connected to Pinduoduo, based in China. The brand splurged on not just one but two Super Bowl ads for the app. If you haven't heard of them, it's a super cheap marketplace for goods from China, sort of like Wish. And similar to Wish, there are a ton of complaints from people not getting what they expected.

💡 Insight - I had a poke around and while searches for Temu did spike after the ad spots, a lot of the buzz I'm seeing on Twitter is pretty lukewarm. It seems to be a lot of "what even is Temu?" or people desperately posting referral codes. I don't know who bankrolled their two ads, but overall they don't seem too threatening right now. It's also a reminder to emphasize quality and authenticity in your own marketing.

💁🏼‍♀️ 3 - Gen Z's top 10 brands

📰 TL;DR - Numerator put together a list of the top 10 brands that Gen Z loves the most. Many of them are buzzy DTC brands and there are definitely some trends. First is self-care items like Native deodorant, La Roche Posay skincare, and Honey Potmenstrual care. There are also some food and beverage brands, like Olipop. Overall, there seems to be an emphasis on affordable and "clean" brands.

💡 Insight - Gen Z is all grown up now — at this point, they're not an optional target audience, they are a key demographic. Definitely take the time to study the brands on the list and check out how they do marketing, especially on social media like TikTok. What are they doing that you're not?

👩🏻‍💻 4 - 16 LinkedIn groups you should be in

📰 TL;DR - PracticalEcommerce has a round-up of 16 groups on LinkedIn for entrepreneurs. The list includes one made for e-commerce discussions, ones specifically for women entrepreneurs, and others are focused on marketing. There's definitely going to be a least a few of interest for you.

💡 Insight - Some of the best Etsy advice I've ever gotten came from a simple group chat with other sellers. It's easy to let that feeling of competition stop you from connecting with other brands, but don't let it. Networking with fellow entrepreneurs can offer excellent tips, collaboration opportunities, and if nothing else, a place to vent.

🥇 5 - Is DTC's golden age over?

📰 TL;DR - If DTC is past its peak, what does that mean for you? This column argues that DTC should be treated as one of many channels, not a stand-alone strategy. It even goes so far as to say it's time to get back to physical retail. In summary: a good brand can sell anywhere, it just so happened that DTC was the trend for a time.

💡 Insight - This is certainly food for thought, though I'm sure many of you may not agree with its conclusion. Either way, it is true that many DTC success stories are pushing into retail and wholesale as of late. What is more agreeable is the argument that branding, story, and values are what will make you stand out.

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