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🛍 DTC Daily - Friday, Feb 10

Today's DTC news, tips, & tools you need to know

💳 1 - A major checkout upgrade from Shopify

📰 TL;DR - Shopify just released its winter 2023 Editions — the event where it announces new consumer products. One of the major upgrades is a one-page checkout that brings a more Shop Pay-like experience to all customers. Merchants can now also add apps to adjust their checkout functions. You can see a fuller list of the updates here.

💡 Insight - One-page checkout is a no-brainer and Shopify needs it to keep up with how Amazon, Esty, and others have streamlined their own checkout functionality. It's also crucial for mobile — 44% of digital sales will be done via mobile by 2025. It's good news for Shopify users and if that includes you, definitely check out additional apps to make checkout even smoother.

📦 2 - The thing that 6 in 10 shoppers won't buy without

📰 TL;DR - I bet you can guess what it is! According to a report from Shippo, 6 in 10 shoppers won't make a purchase if the online retailer doesn't offer free shipping. This comes from a survey of 1,000 shoppers and 1,000 e-commerce sellers. Also interesting: 75% prefer free shipping over fast shipping.

💡 Insight - You can be mad at Amazon Prime all you want, but the expectation of free shipping is here to stay. You'd be doing yourself a favor by baking the price of shipping into product costs and finding a way to offer free shipping. It's a pain, but the numbers are clear — free checkout = sales.

💊 3 - Why this DTC success story is stepping into retail

📰 TL;DR - The ModernRetail Podcast has an interesting interview with Giorgos Tsetis, co-founder of Nutrafol. The brand makes health and beauty supplements and has made its first big wholesale deal with Sephora. It's an especially interesting move considering 85% of sales from their website are from subscribers.

💡 Insight - To be fair, Nutrafol is benefiting from being bought by Unilever, but it's still fascinating to see why a DTC brand makes the decision to jump to wholesale. This is a good listen to hear how Tsetis is running a strong subscription business, with all the personalization that comes with it, alongside marketplaces and wholesale. Listen for insight on how to balance both.

🤳🏽 4 - 8 ideas to get you started on TikTok

📰 TL;DR - PracticalEcommerce has a list of ideas for getting started with posting on TikTok. That includes posting how-tos, partnering with creators, and using the right hashtags. This is a very 101 guide, but if you're new to the platform, it's a good place to start.

💡 Insight - One thing this list leaves out is an emphasis on authenticity — by far the most powerful currency on the app. Simply put, TikTok natives won't like your content unless you have the right vibes. I recommend enthusiastically engaging in the app, watching as many 'toks as possible, and developing an understanding of the culture. Or just take the shortcut and hire a Gen Zer for your TikTok marketing.

👙 5 - Adore Me will create a livestreamed shopping runway experience

📰 TL;DR - Lingerie DTC brand Adore Me — now owned by Victoria's Secret — will turn its upcoming runway show into a livestreamed experience that includes real-time shopping. Viewers will be able to shop for the pieces they see in the show directly in the livestream without having to leave the stream. They're hoping to create an air of inclusivity, both with the fashion and models, but with the accessibility of the stream.

💡 Insight - This ties into two trends in e-comm you should be paying attention to. First is the inroads livestreams are making in the North American market. The second is creating interactive digital experiences that mimic IRL shopping. If you've got the time and money, both are worth trying out.

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